A Once-in-a-Lifetime PhotoShoot

It was for this photo shoot on Trenton Air Base with my bff Suzy.  Still can’t believe she pulled this off.

Beautiful, eh?!  It’s Trash Couture [site plays music].  It’s heavier than you think.

We had a _lot_ of laughs on this project.

I turned the photos into a video.

Then the photos ended up on the walls of here.

Neither of us have made photo albums of the photos, bad, I know. Click here for a couple collages, that’s it.

It was by far, the most expensive thing I’ve ever worn, almost 5 digits.  Second most expensive dress.


I'm On The Walls of Here

This is Tango, a tapas restaurant in downtown Kingston, and remember that Air Base photo shoot with Suzy?

That’s what’s on the walls, look:

Those are all little light boxes lining the walls. It is weird to see yourself displayed on walls.

Even weirder is sitting underneath larger photos of yourself. I don’t think I’d ever get used to this.

Click here to watch Trash Couture comes to Canada to see the shoot, which I edited into a video choreographed to music.