Found My Old Blackberry Voice Notes

I had a Blackberry for years. I used to record voice notes, then email them to everyone. These are some of those voice notes.

(Note: NSFW – there’s a couple swear words in two of them)

Laugh 1

[audio:|titles= Laugh 1]

I Can Still Kip

[audio:|titles= I Can Still Kip]

Watch gymnastics videos of me here and here.

Laugh 2

[audio:|titles=Laugh 2]

Ever seen this video?

Of all my videos, it’s one of my favourites.

Robots Love KeriBlog

[audio:|titles=Robots Love KeriBlog]

This went on for weeks.

Just Looking

[audio:|titles=Just Looking]

I went around saying this for months. It still makes no sense, and still makes me laugh.

After a Meeting

[audio:|titles=After a Meeting]

En route to a meeting here. The dolphin got me a job.

There you go, a little peak inside my cel phone. Now that I have an iPhone I stopped doing this. I should start again.



A Gymnastics Video Progress Update

A close-up of grips:

Links to parkour stuff from my show:

– one of my best times out ever

– one of my worst times; blew my ankle out, look at MegaAnkle

– that time I crossed a river on a tree and it broke

why I like parkour

– the episode, Exploring Parkour

– a gate vault, and my friend vaulting my car

A Gymnastics Video

First meet my class, then I invented a little bar and beam routine and filmed it, you know, to track my progress.  That’s at the end.

This is my gym, the East York Gymnastics Club (warning: site plays music)


– mount, up to top bar, down to bottom, back up to top, dismount

– springboard to ? > jump to top > kip cast to ? > down to lower >  kip cast to easy transition > kip cast to dismount > back tuck


– mount, two lines, dismount

– spring board to catleap > cartwheel back walkover > split jump to turn > front walk over to dismount round off back tuck


– two tumbling lines connected by as little dance as possible

– front tuck round off back handspring back tuck > over to other corner > second tumbling line


– front normal one


– giants on the big bar with that thing

– splits each way

I'm in Gymnastics

Twice a week for the past three I’m back in the gym… I did some when I was a kid, and who knew muscle memory stuck around for that long?!

This is me doing a front tuck this summer; it’s grainy I know, filmed with my Blackberry.

After I realized I could still do that I researched around, chose a gymnastics club and tada, fun and exercise ahoy.

Here’s some screenshots from a video I made about my class.  Like how I took the most dramatic frames? ;)

That’s the best part about gymnastics, bottom right – you can make yourself actually fly.