I'm On The Walls of Here

This is Tango, a tapas restaurant in downtown Kingston, and remember that Air Base photo shoot with Suzy?

That’s what’s on the walls, look:

Those are all little light boxes lining the walls. It is weird to see yourself displayed on walls.

Even weirder is sitting underneath larger photos of yourself. I don’t think I’d ever get used to this.

Click here to watch Trash Couture comes to Canada to see the shoot, which I edited into a video choreographed to music.

A Gymnastics Video

First meet my class, then I invented a little bar and beam routine and filmed it, you know, to track my progress.  That’s at the end.

This is my gym, the East York Gymnastics Club (warning: site plays music)


– mount, up to top bar, down to bottom, back up to top, dismount

– springboard to ? > jump to top > kip cast to ? > down to lower >  kip cast to easy transition > kip cast to dismount > back tuck


– mount, two lines, dismount

– spring board to catleap > cartwheel back walkover > split jump to turn > front walk over to dismount round off back tuck


– two tumbling lines connected by as little dance as possible

– front tuck round off back handspring back tuck > over to other corner > second tumbling line


– front normal one


– giants on the big bar with that thing

– splits each way