This is a Sunday Update

4 years ago today I joined Twitter, the same bot tweets me this each year.

9,172 total tweets.  That’s 2,293 / year, or 191 / month, or 6 / day. I speak less IRL.

Here comes the cold, EH.

When I came home from the US last week, I brought the remainder of a store’s stock, of these amazing new plates.

Stopped by a party on Friday.

Later that night.

Look fast, I’m in a hipster hat.

The bartender opend up the table for me, a nice Saturday night surprise.

Had one of those, “how did I not see that coming” moments.

Here’s a photo of my desk right now; I’m trying something new: I moved my system,to the right.

I don’t know why I feel compelled to blog photos of my desk.

Turned on my first Android this weekend, see the white Galaxy III there? Hooooly customizable.

Picking up the new 2013 Honda Accord tomorrow, in manual at that.

Busy week ahead, a lot of writing to do tomorrow afternoon, and this week’s column is: if you’re going to the detail shop, do this. Some events to attend, coffee meetups, and I’m forgetting stuff.

Night, TTYT

xo Keri


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