Massively Unprepared for a Massive Renovation

Last time my main room will ever look like this.

Oh boy guys. Might have bit off more than I can chew.

I’m like a squatter with a mortgage again, back on an air mattress.

Usually I’m hyper-prepared, but not this project, and am not handling it great. My neighbours saw it in my frantic eyes Saturday, and like how I always say they’re the best, 5 showed up early yesterday morning to help me transfer all my belongs to a trailer.

Minimalist forever.

What is happening?

When I bought the house last July, only thing I put off was the electrical work, it was too huge an undertaking in both cost and time.

Then, living through the winter I realized more fresh air is needed in the main room, and remember, that was the first time I bought something on credit: windows.

So I combined the jobs into Mega Renovation, added more (washing machine repair, plumber) plus “paint the interior of house” because let’s do this project properly.

So if I’m going to have 8 trades coming through and drywall dust everywhere, no way am I leaving my belongings to soak it up. Plus it creates a pleasant work environment for everyone.

Above – the 30-point electrical to-do list

Below – in the trailer while it’s being backed up, playing “Catch my Stuff”

Add the stress that I put everything into a trailer like here, take my life with a tow hook.

So locked it, then parked This Week’s Car in front – 2015 Jaguar XJL.

Added a heater inside.

Here we go!

Operation Last Renovation of My Life I’m Never Doing this Again and will be Removed from this House in a Box” kicked off at 8am today.

Sorry in advance if it’s a light blog week, and please send good luck!



In Utah with Jeep and going Offline

Hi hi from Utah. It’s really red here, and looks like a cartoon.

Right now I’m in a remote ranch, then tomorrow I’m off on an extreme off-roading adventure where the sky will fill the windshield and wheels can slip and slide. I’m 1/4 Canadian journalists here, lucky eh. Tomorrow night we sleep in a cave?!

I forgot to pack a purse, so at dinner I used that envelope as one.

See? Cartoon.

The bad part is apparently cell signals have a tough time fighting through this landscape, as in, there isn’t one. Can’t phone, can’t text, WiFi is weak, my phone turned into a black box.

And it’s going to get worse on the trials tomorrow, and no chance while camping tomorrow night…

So that’s why I’ll be unreachable until Friday night.

Wish me luck! TTYS



A 24 Hour Road Trip

That’s the State Farm autocross event on Wednesday, where I was encouraged to drive distracted.

Texting and no hands on the wheel.

It’s a screenshot from video, which I’ll edit over the weekend and upload it along with next week’s column about the event.

Then I packed it in and hopped on the road.

Behind Mad Max.

Saw some nature.

Not scared of that.

I like Jaguar’s navigation, it’s simple.

I like their F-TYPE even more, this is exactly the car in my dream 2-car mini-fleet.

Full post about it coming soon.

Ever read my column about the mystery of the checkered flag?

It’s one of my better ones, here.

Sitting quietly.

Thank you, I did.

And with that deadlines are done, blog done, email sort of done, and laptop is about to close after embedding this last photo.

Have a great weekend!