Quick Update

The Wikibrands book launch party Monday night was packed, and it was great to debate, been a while since I’ve been on a microphone and surprise, I’d like more. Definitely rusty. Make sure to check out Casie’s and Rob’s posts for better party pics.

And hey internet – it’s a great read if you are interested in things online, buy it here. Sean, here’s to an awesome booktour, soak it up!

Got a giant box in the mail today, love mail!  Made a video about mail!  Look at all the stuff inside… nice, till you get a closeup….

Complete junk including a corroded Razr, that’s funny.

Except for the last item, tada, that’s more makeup than I’ve collectively owned in my whole life, nice.  Get ready for some colourful eye designs.

In the same vein, my hair’s looking good these days, and that’s Rose!  If you need a hair anything, she’s who you want to call – 416 301 1072.

Sabrina did my nails and I smudged 9/10 of them, she stopped laughing after 3, how long am I supposed to sit still really?

And just to say it, I am loving the freedom of this new blog.  I could have never posted something like this on my other one, made 30 unrelated videos, not adhered to a theme, you know?  Yup.



I’m Being All Deer-in-the-Headlights

Tonight I reflected back on my first week being online again; it was great…

4 videos, some posts on a solid big-girl blog on my own little server, still no Twitter till I fix my phone, found FinalCut fun again, and a general shift in everyday life to be actively always documenting. When I took a break over the summer I really took a break eh, I did the bare minimum on my email accounts and that’s it.

Know what though, I’m being all deer-ish, like I kinda went from dancing in the street at the Olympics to freezing up a bit before blogging a photo. It’s surprising me, and annoying me a little, and ya.

Getting into Facebook is coming soon WOW do I ever have a mental block against that site.  I could make a whole video just about that.  I’ve only ever uploaded 2 photos to it, I login bi-monthly.

Anyway, here’s the aforementioned video, “Celebrating the Olympics Through Dance”.