Canada’s Oldest ‘Hair Stylist & Blogger’ Team


Brennen Demelo and I are.

Back in the beginning of blogging – 2008-ish – the first partnership any blog girl worth her salt landed was a hair stylist. When Brennen and I shook hands, I’d just moved to Toronto and was producing ‘The Canadian Explorer’ and he had one sink in the back of someone else’s business.

We’re now in our 7th year, and are
the only partnership still intact.

Above is us through the years.

Below is us in 2008.

Today, he’s a leading salon in Toronto and Canada, opened a second location in Barrie, for years has been the top L’Oreal Canada representative, styles many of the magazines covers you see, and I’ve become one of the country’s top auto journalists.

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416 301 1072



Toronto’s Best Blonde

Like how I worded the title? Bah.

Glibness aside, it’s the blonde that comes of Brennen Demelo Studios that’s the best. 6 years I’ve been going there, and it always is.

Go too: Brennen Demelo Studio  416-301-1072

How long can I be expected to sit still inside for, really.

Don’t know how highlights turn into a full blonde head, but they do.

Thank you Kaila!

* a rare sighting of Brennen, whom I hadn’t seen for months and months, because coming soon is his second shop – Brennen Demelo North – a new studio in Barrie.

And _wait_ till you hear his Harley story, best travel story I’ve ever heard, will blog it soon.



And That’s Summer 2014 Complete

Happy Labour Day to ya!

Last 1/3 of the year, here we go,
it’s heads down & work time.

(see my theory: the Rhythm of a Year [video], and the blog tag – Time)

Below are some more miscellaneous summer photos, and with that I’m going back to daydreaming in my deck chair.



My one annual toes-in-water moment.

A dinner.

More pointing.

Bought a skirt to race in.

Finding silence.

My house is still a disaster.  I still haven’t bought furniture.

Anything you read by me in the last 2 weeks, is from this mini-desk, which I am mega-over.

(blog tag = desk)

Don’t have a mirror, either. So I use video on my phone to check my outfits.

A Barbapapa.

Only cartoon I ever liked.

Going to see Niki this week.

Go too: 416-301-1072 Brennen Demelo Studio

Drones are coming guys, in droves.

That’s Justin’s. He’s a drone pioneer, and his company Heli Video Pros now includes a factory, phft.

If you’re looking to purchase a pro-drone, he’s the guy to buy from. Here’s the store.

Because race car.

I loved Summer 2014.




The Annual Cut-it-all-Off Haircut

This was what I was so attached to – the world’s tiniest ponytail.

saved that, to send in the mail. That’s funny.

You know Niki. Thanks missy xo

This is a now well-documented routine by now, on this blog tag – Brennen Demelo

… I grow my hair, trying to achieve my dream ponytail > it becomes stringy and I realize I have no hair, and am being delusional > I cut it all off.

How’s it look from the side? Or like this?

How’s it look with a hat?

This is important.


Go tooBrennen Demelo Studios – 416-301-1072



Cheers to You this Friday Night

Been busy juggling the usual blog stuff; yesterday was writing, today was production stuff; email, spread-sheets, phone, and Life Admin. Tonight is video editing; I have 3 half-finished ones.

Once I get the video to the loosly-put-together stage, I wish I could hand it off, someone else would polish the audio, make all the micro-adjustments that are sooo boooring.

Below are photos from the week. Sunday morning I’m at a conference, then Sunday night we’re off on an adventure.

xo Keri


Have a good Pride weekend.

Holy engineering in this flower.

Had a Lincoln MKZ this week, and wait till you see the weirdo gear shift method.

Around the track with professional race car driver, Alex Tagliani.

Have this on video. It was at Honda’s annual ‘Manual Driving School‘.

I took Niki with me; so proud of her here.

The next day, she did my hair.  Thank you, Brennen Demelo Studios

Finally made it to my inaugural 2013 summer patio beer, commemorated with this weird photo.

The end.

Once around the park and home, James.