The Rhythm of a Week

Remember my video a couple years ago:

The Rhythm of a Year

So… December is a right-off… everyone’s focused on tidying up loose ends from the year, preparing for the new one, and parties.

I’ve been drilling down on that theory since then, and think I’ve found the pattern of a week.

The Rhythm of a Week:

Monday – Thursday – a sprint to the finish, nose planted to grindstone
Thursday night – best night of the week always
Friday – tidying up what happened M-Th, and errands. Friday’s can always be accomplished in jogging pants
Friday night – no talking, maybe a quiet and reflective beer
Saturday – Sunday – have fun, then #SundayCleaning to start off the new cycle clean, prepared and ready to attack

Therefore, bring those 2 theories together,
and there’s really only
2 business weeks left in 2013

( I do seem to start to get reflective around now, eh)

(see also: About Time )



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