This Week’s Car Kicked it Over

Over the weekend I cracked a beer, then walked out to my driveway to hang out with This Week’s Car – 2015 Jaguar XJ AWD.  

Far from the first time I’ve done this, but first time I’ve told you. When I lived in a condo in Toronto, I’d elevator down and sit in the drivers seat, ahh the new car smell, pushing buttons and daydreaming… “my blog is producing weekly cars, and this one hit six figures, I’m looking at $100,000 in my driveway.”

Guys it’s working… please keep reading, and I’ll keep blogging, then more cool stuff will happen like, next week we’re off on this exclusive auto trip… and remember my blog epiphany, this car week kind’ve confirmed it, so thank you Jaguar for betting on… and get ready for the biggest announcement to date.

Cheers to that.

Full review post coming soon.

2015 Jaguar XJ AWD



Writing a Country Song about Phishing

My neighbour and I started writing a country song last night.

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I had a virus, now nobody emails me” 

Brian: I used to talk on email all the time, but then I got a virus
Keri: what did it do?
Him: told everyone I thought they were fat
Me: snort
Him: I told them it was a virus, but no one believed it and stopped talking to me
Me: (this happens

Ahh Thursday night, best night of the week. Bet I jacknifed 4 times, got invited to a party and was even drunk dialled, my favourite.

(why it’s the best night, and blog tag = #ThursdayNight)



Had to Go Into the City Today, Twice

Since I moved July 25, bet I’ve been downtown maybe 5 times in total.

So today was a lot. Don’t miss it. This helped.

So fun to drive, the Mazda MX-5.

It’s just my size too, a rarity. Together we can fit anywhere.

Dentist. Again.

Still have never had a cavity, ever.

It took me almost 3 hours to get out of the city. That’s not sitting on the DVP either, that’s using creativity, back ways, and still.

Not happy; being trapped in a car, that’s trapped on a road surrounded by cars, is one of my least favourite feelings.

Have a post about Toronto traffic building in my mind. I think about traffic a lot actually.

Least when I returned this evening, I didn’t have to drive.

Let’s pose.

kk I’m done.

Today’s weak blog update courtesy of the traffic that sucked it all out of me.

Back to enjoying the best night of the week #ThursdayNight

Hope yours is good too TTYT