Last Chance to Summer Road Trip is Now

Road trips are guaranteed fun, adventure, and consistently yield one of _those_ stories… “hey remember that time we went to Wherever HAHA the best memories yup.”

Meet Michael Palmer, the “CEO of Family Travel.” The Calgarian has road tripped over 900,000 km, part of which is detailed his upcoming book, No Tranquilizers! 17,000 kms, 63 Days, 3 Kids, 1 Van 

He teamed up with Canadian Tire, so we had a good laugh on the phone, talked cars, and here’s his list…

Michael’s Top 3 Road Trip Tips

1 – Safety First

Have it serviced, check and inflate the tires, you know the drill.

2 – Find a Rhythm

Arriving at 11pm one night, then 6pm the next, that will tire you quickly. Be consistent, find a rhythm. Michael drove those 17,000 km in 6-hour per day increments.

3 – Keep it Clean

“Things can get out hand real quick, ” Michael says.  He points out food is always coming in and out of the vehicle, and you don’t want a rotting-grapes incident like he experienced, “organization is critical.”

Plus, if you have to brake hard and suddenly, you don’t want stuff taking flight.

Canadian Tire introduced Glovebox, a new line of auto storage solutions. I attended the media launch in January, there’s a good weight and handle to the fabric.

Or do a 24-hour trip, they’re great, here’s one I blogged.

We live in the best country in the world,
go explore it!


No money was exchanged for this post.

Canadian Tire introduced me, he’s a fun guy and I like his list so I blogged it. This post has been a beta test of my latest idea.



A 24 Hour Road Trip

That’s the State Farm autocross event on Wednesday, where I was encouraged to drive distracted.

Texting and no hands on the wheel.

It’s a screenshot from video, which I’ll edit over the weekend and upload it along with next week’s column about the event.

Then I packed it in and hopped on the road.

Behind Mad Max.

Saw some nature.

Not scared of that.

I like Jaguar’s navigation, it’s simple.

I like their F-TYPE even more, this is exactly the car in my dream 2-car mini-fleet.

Full post about it coming soon.

Ever read my column about the mystery of the checkered flag?

It’s one of my better ones, here.

Sitting quietly.

Thank you, I did.

And with that deadlines are done, blog done, email sort of done, and laptop is about to close after embedding this last photo.

Have a great weekend!