Holy Crap There’s a Party at my House

No guys, there’s 8 people in my backyard right now, look:

Sure don’t live in the city anymore, huh. The fire brought the neighbours, they just showed up and woah, ok. I have never thrown a party. Ever.

Because guys, like, in my last place where I lived for 2.5 years, I had 5 people over. The whole time. And I could have hit my neighbour with my car, and not known who it was.

kk back to the party I’m apparently hosting.

Thursday night, best night of the week!

It always is.



I Bought a House Today


Signed my name with this ceremonial pen, 30 times at that!

There’s a lot more to it than I thought. Which is part of how I pulled it off from start to finish in 3 weeks – I had no clue what was involved when I started.

I’ll tell ya all about it soon, and the tricks I learned too, until then I’ll wish you a great Thursday Night, best night or the week.

Omg guys – I don’t even own a plant, now I have trees.


Opposite Ends of the Spectrum Day

First, I tested Ford’s 1.0L engine in their Fiesta, the smallest engine available to buy.

It which claims some of the best fuel economy out there, but was surprisingly feisty. Really.

My review will be online tomorrow morning at Autonet, and will blog it next week.

Any day with track time makes me so happy, and did okay out there today.

During the event, two of my Autonet teammates, David Miller and Jeff Voth, and I sent a message to our editor, Dan Barron.

Who responded with this photo.

I love my job.

(meet more of my team here, and David, we need to make you a tag around here.)

Then the opposite spectrum part: off to a party for an engine about 4x the size.

Transformed in 10 minutes, from track attire to party dress, inside the hotel bathroom. I should blog some of my tricks for this, have it down to a science. That dress is 10+ years old, doesn’t wrinkle, and when in doubt, wear a suit jacket.

Up to Aurora for the Porsche Macan launch,
hosted by Pfaff.

Fancy times, ladies were in full hair and makeup, I was still covered in track dust #MoreSpectrum

I can’t put my finger on why, it’s not just that they carry luxury badges, but Pfaff is one of the classiest dealerships. Will blog that event next week, too.

Then, this.

Further proof of what I always say

Thursday Night, best night of the week.

And the end.

I have to be up at 5am to keep the dream alive, TTY then.



First Track Time of 2014

Started the season with Canadian Tire and Continental Tires last week.

(the test car was an Audi A4 TFST quattro. 2.0 L outputting 220 hp and 258 lbs/ft.)

Despite being all black and round, all tires are not created equal.

Continentals compete with the high-end tire lines.  This model is exclusive to Canadian Tire, and are reasonably priced at $129 /each. For a barometer, cheap no-name tires are about $80 /each. But remember what I always harp…

… don’t cheap out, on the only part of your car, that touches the road.

It wasn’t all track time, the tires were tested in a braking exercise (stop accelerating Keri), and this is how potholes are simulated.

Run through the course once on the competition, then again on Continentals. The latter was a smoother, less jittery ride and sounded less hollow. In tire ratings, that’s “comfort”.

Best part of the tire is this:

1 – compare the wear pattern of those boxes each side of the tire, to know if things are balanced
2Dry / Wet / Snow – when that letter wears off, the tire is no longer good in those road conditions

Continental claims these will last 145,000 km, which is on the high side of things.

This is nicely framed.

The girls of Canadian Tire; welcome to my blog guys!

Middle is Melissa Arbour, CT’s Senior Business Manager for Tires, Wheels and Accessories, and right is PR megamind Nicole Grant.

Spot my Jag.

This was all last Thursday afternoon, kicking off the best night of the week.