Sorry Guys, it was a Stupid Busy Day

Because I was travelling for most of the week, I had to cram a week into today, as in, running around like ugh.

And drama, which I avoid like the proverbial plague, but oh man, this. THIS.

When my lippyness earns something that’s fine, but I sure didn’t this kick in the teeth. But I’m classy and won’t blog the story, but if you were to ask me in real life, bet I couldn’t stop it from coming out of my eyes.

And my Jaguar review is due tomorrow, so that took precedence. And is maybe my largest and best photo gallery to date, OH that badge. I did not need another addiction.

Jaguar – the car version of old money.


I’ll leave you with this photo, which, remember yesterday when I said I had huge news that deserved its own post? It’s all in this picture.

Thursday night, best night of the week!



I Made It Into Urban Dictionary – To Jacknife

To Jacknife: When you burst out laughing, so hard and so suddenly,
you involuntarily fold in half at the waist.
Usually accompanied by a large exhale of breath.

Here’s the official entry on

To Jacknife – pass it on!

PS – I got the good news email on a #ThursdayNight.  Further proof it really is the best night of the week.


Things from My Week in Vegas

Some outfits.

I always visit the jewellery stores, one of my only material weaknesses.

This line is a favourite.

Check out the lineup to see Batman 5 days after it opened BOOM. Had the theatre to myself. Review: I loved it.

It’s the only superhero story I like, because he is a normal human who turns himself into more.

I gamble on only two games: ‘Wheel of Fortune’ slots, and video poker.  Video Poker has maybe the best odds in the casino.

Look at the purple circle first column, the rule is: you want a 9/6 machine, then an 8/5, don’t bother with anything lower.

I’m good at the latter, but really, it’s just pattern recognition.

I have in my head a whole life-strategy-is-like-video-poker-strategy-there’s-many-parrells-video in my head to make, there really are.

One of my favourite nights was Thursday Night #NotSurprising (if we are just meeting, I say it every week because it is: Thursdasy Night is the best night of the week).

That’s right, silence! It’s ridiculously hard to find here.

This is the penthouse of a casino off the strip, where check THIS out :O

How is that even possible at a casino? Where are the insurance people?

Then, oh THEN there was a pool table. I love to play pool.

And I played some of the best pool of my whole life.

I couldn’t miss. Not even being dramatic, it was Hollywood movie shots I was making happen. After one particularly amazing combo I yelled, “you guys are getting this, right?!”.  I was the zone.

And that’s it, Vegas tada the end.

Never been a fan, but I seem to always end up here; that’s 14-ish times now.  Here’s a post from last year.

Vegas, to me, is: over-the-top-over-stimulating, this shiny delusion that brings out the entitled dbag side of people, and just, excess is gross.  But it’s the world’s conference centre.  See you again soon I’m sure.



How I Communicate with the Underground

The lights were on three stories down; the TTC guys were working late.

I laughed for minutes & minutes. Imagine being down there, and it starts raining business cards.

It’s almost as funny as my ham invention. I’ll tell you about that one on video though, you need to see the hand movements to really appreciate it.

It was a #ThursdayNight. Of course it was.

Best night of the week.