Things from My Week in Vegas

Some outfits.

I always visit the jewellery stores, one of my only material weaknesses.

This line is a favourite.

Check out the lineup to see Batman 5 days after it opened BOOM. Had the theatre to myself. Review: I loved it.

It’s the only superhero story I like, because he is a normal human who turns himself into more.

I gamble on only two games: ‘Wheel of Fortune’ slots, and video poker.  Video Poker has maybe the best odds in the casino.

Look at the purple circle first column, the rule is: you want a 9/6 machine, then an 8/5, don’t bother with anything lower.

I’m good at the latter, but really, it’s just pattern recognition.

I have in my head a whole life-strategy-is-like-video-poker-strategy-there’s-many-parrells-video in my head to make, there really are.

One of my favourite nights was Thursday Night #NotSurprising (if we are just meeting, I say it every week because it is: Thursdasy Night is the best night of the week).

That’s right, silence! It’s ridiculously hard to find here.

This is the penthouse of a casino off the strip, where check THIS out :O

How is that even possible at a casino? Where are the insurance people?

Then, oh THEN there was a pool table. I love to play pool.

And I played some of the best pool of my whole life.

I couldn’t miss. Not even being dramatic, it was Hollywood movie shots I was making happen. After one particularly amazing combo I yelled, “you guys are getting this, right?!”.  I was the zone.

And that’s it, Vegas tada the end.

Never been a fan, but I seem to always end up here; that’s 14-ish times now.  Here’s a post from last year.

Vegas, to me, is: over-the-top-over-stimulating, this shiny delusion that brings out the entitled dbag side of people, and just, excess is gross.  But it’s the world’s conference centre.  See you again soon I’m sure.



No More Dark Circles

I love the road but it’s nice to be home.

The only plan I had was flights and the first night hotel booked. Wandered my way over to San Deigo collecting footage along the way and staying offline. Kinda living like in olden times.

I visited some stuff so I have some neat videos to edit during the next few weeks. Good stuff.

Was surprised there was so much green in the desert… I thought it’d only look like the desert in my previous post.

I cruised around in my rental with a cooler of Miller Lite, delicious. I’m used to driving standard and so I spaz out driving automatic; I always forget if I don’t hold down the brake pedal the car moves forward.

Stayed at an Indian reserve casino. You could smoke inside. I’d forgotten how horrible that is.

Of course I played Wheel of Fortune. Didn’t win. Remember where I was.

Stuff in the States really is bigger, eh; the cups, meals, signs, the everything.

For the first time in 2+ years I don’t have dark circles under my eyes. I’m going to make sure going forward I do this regularly, just stop and disappear. Turns out it’s good for me.

Plus this tweet by Mason has always stuck with me, and really, that’s how you know you should be paying attention to something… it repeats over and over in your head: