Hi from Cancun, Mexico

Hi hi from my first proper vacation in a very long time.  Looking forward to … rest. Don’t know if I’ve ever blogged such an admission.

I’ve been averaging about 3 hours of sleep a night; needed this. It took a lot to get here, and didn’t really even hit me I was gone till this morning when I woke up to a different view.

I do sleep deprivation pretty well, I kinda even like it; things get all dream-like and fuzzy, everything gets funnier.

Had to buy a bathing suit. Because I hide from the sun, why would I own one.

But somewhere between that dressing room pic and checkout, the bottoms disappeared, so I’m here on the beach without a suit.

Deadlines won over the nail salon, so I peeled off the shellac, and I think I ruined nails; don’t do it.

Full hair and makeup in the back of the taxi.

New luggage was purchased the night before, and I just sent my jumpsuit downtown to be hemmed.

Next week’s ‘Keri on Driving’ column came from the airport, and 30,000 feet in the air.

Took me many months, but I’ve got a system down now. Helps that I always keep the “my column” application open and running in my mind’s background, and a text list on my phone.

Look at me changing it up.

I’ve been smashed on a plane once, and never will I again.

Actually, whenever you see me out at an event, there’s a 99% chance I’m fake drinking, which I have down to a science. (surely by now you’ve figured out I’m a control freak).

At Mexican customs, the system is: speak with a customs officer, then baggage claim, and then another officer who is positioned beside a big red button. Everyone must push the button, and it’s like a casino game – get a green light and you’re free to go, get a red light and take your bag over to be searched and questioned. Guess what colour I got :|

It’s a ridiculously nice hotel, look at the soaps.

You know Bulgari is my favourite.

The boy really killed it at work the past year, so work sent him away with the other top hustlers, nice.

Hoping to make it to visit the Mayan ruins, especially that it’s so close in time to a huge planetary alignment on June 5.

Kay I have to revise my column for next week (“going to the racetrack”), plus a couple more things and then I can shut it down. I’ll power up ye ‘ole blog again Wednesday when I’m back in country, TTY then.



Wrapping Up This Week

Busy week!  Squished a lot of activity, kilometres and things.

In no particular order.

My hair is coming back to a proper blonde from being that awful shade of urine when two weeks ago I said goodbye to being bright bright blonde.  No way around having that colour, that’s the price of platinum.

Still surprised when I look in the mirror. Still unimpressed with myself for caring about hair colour so much. Ya ya, I am a brand and all that, but come on, no one is shooting at me, you know?


If you’re curious about “Operation Rue the Day” ask me IRL.

You’ll love it, I can’t publicly tell you, and concludes in one week.

I’ve harped on you about this before, and now again: please call right now the oldest person you know, and tell them you’re thinking of them.  They need it.

My peonies are coming in beautifully.

I stick my face in flowers for long as I can remember. Why wouldn’t you? It’s soft and smells great. There’s a shot in my Canadian Explorer Intro of me doing that.

Gardening seems like the most boring thing ever, maybe when I’m 80 I’ll give it a go. I’ll only grow flowers. I could maybe see myself getting into seeds too, if only because of this.

The most exciting thing that happened to me this week was my trip with Honda Canada to Niagara Falls.

They put us up at Ontario’s only 5 star country inn, the Pillar and Post.

Here’s the only photo taken during dinner.

Because the best part about dinner was: none of us touched our phones. At ALL. That’s refreshing.

A dream come true.

Here’s the keys to one of only 400 Civic HFP‘s in Canada, Keri! Now get out there and drive hard.

More on that later, obviously it’ll have its own post, also have video of my skills.

Kay gotta run, driving up north for the night, have a good one TTYL


Sorry Guys, So Busy

Find what I’m up to fastest on Twitter: @KeriBlog

Being a nomad and finding a home is tougher than I thought. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if you’re looking to open a business rent short-term furnished apartments in the $1200 range, you will own that market because it doesn’t exist.

Plus I’m doing all this internetting from my phone. I thought it would work all right, but the signal isn’t strong enough. My phone got so hot when I uploaded a video the other day, never mind that Skype call last night bwahaha.

Really looking forward to settling in somewhere, I have security videos to edit and a show to flood the internet with!



I'm Flush with Internet Again

Home again home again, jiggety jig.

I love airports, a lot.

Have a post drafted here titled, “I Love Aiports”. I even have a whole category here dedicated to them.

I do the exact same thing upon arriving at my new location: unpack and install myself into my new home.

  1. I only own socks that look like that
  2. I collect hotel room keys for a Smarten Up, Internet video; you’re going to be surprised at the information on them
  3. Been expanding my cutlery collection
  4. Those 12 year old bags have travelled around the globe a few times. I love Tumi.

A travel-tips-video-mini-series has been playing in my head, maybe I’ll make it. Because I need _more_ to edit :|

Travel tip: leave your place clean so when you return it’s a smooth installation.

Hi from West Virginia, I’m here for a bit.

(note: the fastest way to ever find me is on Twitter: @KeriBlog)

I have 80% reliable internet connection for the foreseeable future, which I consider amazing. 100% connectivity on the road is tough.

It’s never that lucky though, it’s me.

My iPhone lost it’s mind yesterday, look at my lock screens yesterday.

I couldn’t even answer the phone. I’m hoping I can wipe a bunch of information to give it more room to think, but think I may have to wipe and rebuild the whole thing. So again, instead of editing I’m debugging.

I’ll be back-blogging the last 4 days so get ready to scroll.









I'm Homeless Until Tonight

I’m between my hotel and next destination.

I don’t have a home in Toronto right now, my lease expired the day I left for my winter 2012 tour of “Avoiding Winter”.

In the elevator on my way out.


I have photos of my room and a little story.

All my belongings may be seen in this photo.


It’s a funny feeling… where do you go? Try to make a list in your head, see?

Coffee shop? Restaurant or bar? You have to spend money to be there.

Are there stairs? To drag my bag up and down. And where will I put my bag?

The answer is… the mall.

Off I roll.


Then I cut through The Sheraton to warm up, oh I see a chair free…


One of my favorite hidden gems in downtown.



I have a great post at this place for my security show, SmartenUpInternet.com.


Think I’ll stay here for a bit. I’m blending in well with my suitcase.


PS – I’m posting this in a way that circumvents my photo uploading issue, which is making me nuts because I can’t figure it out, NUTS.