Why I Don't Like Christmas, and a Moving Update

Short answer: Christmas makes a lot of people feel bad.

Brooks, Alberta has 120+ different nationalities living there!  I know come ON.

The Calgary airport (YYC FYI) is quite nice, there’s even an F-18 simulator.

Nope, not travelling with any hunting bounty, antlers, ha.

By pure luck and I was upgraded to First Class on the way home, look how excited I am, thank you T ;)

You’re offered a choice of 3 meals, eaten with real silverware, finished off with warm cookies baked fresh in the sky, and look how I had my feet up. That’s luxery.

Good Twitter profile pic eh, looks like I’m yelling my tweets at you.

Just changed it though, no more holiday stuff. Click here to see the new one.

Here’s my trunk containing everything I own (plus my backpack of computer/camera gear).

You bet I did a dry run… imagine if my trunk didn’t fit in my car?

What’s the solution to that?

I don’t know either. Fainting.

And please tweet / email / comment / anything me if you have a suggestion about how I can keep my cel number while paying as little as possible.  I’ll be back when the snow melts.

Kay gotta run, work to do, TTYT




Hope Your Christmas Was Great, Too

Woke up to coffee and opening stockings, a family tradition.

The tree shone while the chinook melted the snowman.

I’m so grateful my visit coincided with a chinook, otherwise it’d have been a -25*C visit.

What’s a chinook?

I guess customs was curious about my brother’s gift hat.

We all got really into the fire log TV channel.

You know the channel that is just a fire burning?  Whenever the arm came out to adjust the flames someone would yell, “Guys! The arm is on!”.

My day today. I’ll tell you about Dinasaur Park later this week, which was awesome.

Dinner time.  Which was delicious; Kerri killed it.

Christmas crackers!

I like to think how many people around the world are wearing Christmas cracker crowns tonight.

And that concludes my Christmas blogging, that’s enough.

Have a great boxing day, don’t spend it all on the sales.


xo Keri




Enter to Win #KeriChristmas Giveaway Extravaganza

Over $200 of gifts can be yours!

Behold this beautiful bounty.

Highlights include:

JD Honey – I take this to parties, because it’s really new and a guaranteed crowd pleaser

Marks Work Warehouse – Functional AND fashionable, which is why I like ’em, Mark’s will be keeping your hands and feet warm with their 100% Canadain awesomeness

Nella Bella Bag – Another Canadian company, made in downtown Toronto, that has reinvented classic, and in a vegan fabric to boot

Chobani Yogurt – This is America’s #1 Yogurt and has just arrived in Canada, and you’ll be on of the first to try it because you’re going to get a dozen delivered to your door.  No fat, actual real ingredients, created by passion woah just realized: almost all the companies are family-run here NICE.

A 9-step pouring kit from Stella. There’s an art and methodology to pouring a Stella.  I’ve been trained in it actually, and can pour you a perfect pint, then level the foam with much flourish.

To Enter: tweet the hashtag #KeriChristmas

Winners will be drawn Monday at 3pm

(PLEASE NOTE: I’m sorry, but you have to be in Toronto to win, because I have to drive it to you, unless you wanna drive here, that’s cool too)

My blog brought me a ton of fun stuff from great companies this year, and I wanted to share with you, that’s what’s happening here, because I appreciate you stopping by my blog, and thanks for pushing play.

I Love #hohoTO, I Go Every Year

If you are on Twitter and live in Southern Ontario, come!

It’s the holiday season’s classiest event, and it raises money for an important cause: feeding hungry Toronto people, because charity starts at home.

(photo by hyfen)

Founded in 2008, HoHoTO has been called, “the party that Twitter built”, it’s closing in on $200 000 raised for the Daily Food Bank, and is run completely by volunteers on a budget of nothing.

Queen Rania of Jordan has even used HoHoTO as a shining example of social media influencing online do-gooding.  So cool eh.

Here’s my Twitvid from last year inside the party, which is dark, but you can just feel the fun.

Come ready to buy raffle tickets and donate heavily, make sure to have your photo taken by Photojunkie, cabs home you know the drill, and don’t be shy… this is always the kind of crowd who’ve all been in that boat…. “hi, I know you from Twitter and the internet…”, say hi!

Me last year:


follow along on Twitter @hohoTO

Thursday December 15, 8pm

at The Mod Club

benefiting the Daily Food Bank

Here’s a relational chart I made using the search “hohoTO”, for fun.

(click on it to zoom, get more info, drag stuff you’ll figure it out)

See you Thursday!