Bye Bye Bright Blonde

I’ve been platinum blonde since 2007. Now my hair is breaking off.

Brennen has done my hair for 5 years.  Here’s one of our first videos, from 2008.

It was tough to find someone during my Avoiding Winter 2012 Tour, so when in a large city I’d search out the best L’Oreal salon.  What that proved was there are no Brennens.

Brennen I don’t think it’s working, my scalp isn’t burning.

Isn’t it funny though, I’m sad over a hair colour.  And I’m not even that fashion-y; how many times have you seen me in jeans and a hat? Then I hear my sensible self: no one is shooting at you, Keri, it’s just hair.

But, BUT… it kind of is a big deal! Because I no longer have a backlog of photos of me I can use. Think about that; I just made my job harder, and I had no choice.

All right, whining done, let’s make a photo collage.

I have done this one million times since 2007, and this is a first.

It’ll fade and brighten up quite blonde again, but only with my most disliked expression: it takes time.

I suppose it’s fitting, I kind of am in ‘Round 3’ of living my life online…

  1. – The Canadian Explorer
  2. – KeriBlog
  3. – security and cars and not sure, this round just started

Kay bye now, TTYL, happy Thursday night, best night of the week!



I’m Mobile Again YA Buddy

Boarded the GO train yesterday morning to Oakville.  I like the train.  Probably because I don’t have to take it everyday.

Destination was Ford Headquarters.

I walked in…hi hi I’m Keri, you have a car for me. Yes we do, here are the keys.

30 seconds later, this:

THAT is class.

The first place I drove was my beloved Cherry Beach.

And I am. It’s one of my favourite places in Toronto.

I have filmed so many videos there:

This is Morning Drive
I Read You my Manifesto
Getting Sand
No More Studio
– and more.

Being mobile is important, I designed my life around it, and when I was rendered car-less last year well, that was a big problem.

See ya later problem!

Seat heaters YES. Those will stay on the entire week.

And it came pre-programmed with all my favourite radio stations. How did they know?! :|

Thank you, Ford!

I look forward to cornering the crap out of your Fiesta. Wink ;)





Ahhhhh Blinding Blonde is Back

Here we go.

And tada!

Matt did it this month, thank you! It’s seamless.

Get this: Matt just crushed it and is now, ‘The Official Hair Stylist to Much Music’…  Congratulations, dude!

You should go too:

Brennen Demelo Studios
416 301 1072
Women & Men
Downtown Toronto on Adelaide West

They’ve been really great to me since 2008.

Even though I do things like this.

Hey, it’s a look :|

Thanks, Matt!









The Good Photos Around Here are by Olympus

Olympus heard about my trip south, so they

stocked me up with cameras… thanks guys, a LOT!

It’s their new Olympus PEN Series. Think the quality and changeable optics of an SLR, but little and portable. Mine’s the E-PL3.

The accessories are endless, click here. It comes with a light out of the box, you carry in it that little velvet case, chic.

I really want this external microphone, because the PEN does video too. You click the red button at any time and boom, you’re recording video.  That is key, because you never miss what you’re trying to capture, since that’s the point.

First lens I’ve ever had.

First camera I’ve ever had that clicks aloud.

It has filters built in, in the “Art” setting.

This will reduce my blogging time,

And make more fun photos more fun to look at.

Everyone is winning here today!

I have no idea how to use a lens, and look how crisp my photos still are.

They also upgraded my 2009 Olympus TOUGH – waterproof, freeze proof, sand proof, does video at 1280×720, flash of course, and here’s the best part: you can stand on it  :O

No joke, technically two of me could stand on it and it’d still work.  That’s why I bought one in the first place; I’m hard on stuff.

Thanks for kitting me out, Olympus!



KeriBlog's Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide

Don’t feel bad if you’re not finished your Christmas shopping, you’re in good company…

1/3 of purchases are made 10 days before Christmas

Let’s go left to right.

The book: Concierge Confidential: The Gloves Come Off—and the Secrets Come Out! Tales from the Man Who Serves Millionaires, Moguls, and Madmen

Who doesn’t like hearing stories about rich people behaving badly? Michael is New York’s premiere concierge, and has been for years.

I met him at a fancy dinner Amex invited me to in the fall. See me ruling the roost at the head of the table? Nah, I’m just being dramatic.

I inhaled this book, the best part was learning his tricks to getting the impossible accomplished… he’s quite the social engineer really, hat tip Michael!

A fancy USB key.

It’s from Swarovski, you can find them in any mall, and everyone has a use for a USB key… functional and fashionable always makes for a good gift.

Snoxin deletes your wrinkles. Really.

I wouldn’t have believed it either, but after receiving some at a blog event I ran a test, and stuff actually works.

It’s filled with peptides, the stuff that puffs your skin back up, and has the most you can legally put in a product. It’s a Canadian company, and here’s the best part, you can find it at Shoppers, easy.

And if none of these appeal to you, showing up with fresh flowers works too. Just don’t show up empty handed, that’s bad form.

FULL DISCLOSURE – I was introduced to these products through my blog, but I am not being paid by any of these companies, I just genuinely like this stuff. I probably won’t even tell them I did this, I’m a bad blogger that way.