I Have the Messy Updo Down

This was done blindly in 60 seconds, 1 tiny clip and 4 bobby-pins.

Guess which hairstyle is about to come into vogue…
the messy updo BOOM
I’ll be accidentally in fashion

The blonde’s looking good these days eh (remember the urine-head times? Those were dark times)

Here’s Niki and I hard at work on ‘Illusion Head’ – a healthy, bright blonde approach Niki dreamed up.

Illusion Head – looks like bright blond hair,
but it’s actually a small amount of cleverly-placed highlights,

so the hair stays healthy

I’m oversimplyfying it, but look back on photos from the last couple months, when we really started to make progress.

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316 Adelaide Street West, Toronto


My New Haircut

We were on fire with jokes; it’d been months since we saw one other, there was snorting.  Iceland.

We’ve gotta be one of the oldest hairstylist/blogger duos by now, wait…. it was February 2008 we shook hands, hey Brennen that’s 5 years now NICE.

I’ll leave you with our first video, filmed at the beginning in ’08…… here:

(haven’t watched this in years and woah, this nonsense has been viewed almost 10,000 times)

These drawings are giant and hanging in the studio.

Fellow hairstylist Justin drew them, beautiful eh.

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416 301 1072

Thanks for all the years of the best blonde, Brennen xo

(re: the title of this post – Remember that video?  It was one of the first viral videos; “Not now, Chief”)


Back to a Blonde Bob

So happy seriously SO HAPPY.

Maybe you noticed in past posts, how I cut the top of my head off in photos. That was not accidental, I abhorred my hair.

It’s because remember in July when it was breaking off, and we had to give it a rest, and do this?

Looking back on old photos, and especially when I re-built my sidebar earlier this week, woah I was missing it. 5 years I’ve had bright blonde hair.

Enough time had passed for my hair to heal itself, and today… tada!

Now things are back to normal around here.


Beautiful new machine, Brennen! 2,800km in 6 weeks huh, as it should be.

The end of September he’s headed on a road trip across the continent, and he’s going to Instagram the whole thing, follow along @BrennenDemelo or click here.

Best blonde in Toronto. Go too.

316 Adelaide St West
(416) 301-1072


Haircut Day

I checked in on Foursquare, and become Mayor?!  I’ve never been a Mayor before.

I rarely play Foursquare, 91 checkins since 2009, here’s my history.

Should I dye it all dark brown?

Thanks for 4 years of amazing hair, Brennen XO

Like we talked about, we’re due for another video.

Here’s our last one, from 2008.  Almost at 10,000 views :D

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