New Job Outfits

New clothes! I’m no longer “sporty mercenary,” now I’m “business casual.”

Last time I had new clothes was January 2014 #BenefitOfBlogging

And that’s the irony of a blog right there – I’ve travelled the world while staying in 5-star places, tested over $12 million in cars, but couldn’t afford new sneakers.

Casie became my stylist. When I got hired she drove up to celebrate, arriving with beers and a bag of new clothes. Now that’s a BFF eh!

She advised me on how to build a “capsule wardrobe,” and gave me a style she calls “monochromatic minimalist.”

But I’m most pleased to report this:

In the very first week, I legitiamlly showed up to work in… jogging pants HAHA.

Add that to the blog tagJogging Pants (27)

Probably shouldn’t find that tag’s size so amusing.

Here we go deleting the World’



The Skip is Back in the Step

3 weeks on the road is too much.

Mega-decompression weekend; jogging pants only, with plenty of quietness, little talking, ahhh. Feeling back to normal, puffier, not haggard and melted.

#SundayCleaning, did some sewing, main-lined episodes of Community, and kicked off my blog re-build.

For the past couple months, the new frame has been being built, and now it’s at that juncture where only I can move the project forward. The list is daunting.  Every bullet you point you see above is 2 hours, anyway.  Sidebars are a time suck. Yesterday I wrote 8 ‘About’ pages omg.

Part of this re-build, is to clean up my social media accounts; so bad I’m wearing a winter jacket in my Twitter, and my LinkedIn is the world’s worst, doesn’t say auto journalist, or even I think.

Filming a car meetup this week; my Mustang review ran last week (I’ll blog it); and because I flew home Wednesday, it’s just my Jetta, back to schedule asap. This week’s column is about buying cars in bulk.

Coming up – several car reviews / the last 5 KoD columns / NFC / BlackHat / hacking cars / Vegas / security at the Honda Indy / Lincoln MKZ / 2 Land Rovers / the Raptor / and 9 videos are ready to go.

Here’s to a strong start to your week xo

This is going to be a great fall outfit.

A few recent additions to my lanyard collection.



I Have the Messy Updo Down

This was done blindly in 60 seconds, 1 tiny clip and 4 bobby-pins.

Guess which hairstyle is about to come into vogue…
the messy updo BOOM
I’ll be accidentally in fashion

The blonde’s looking good these days eh (remember the urine-head times? Those were dark times)

Here’s Niki and I hard at work on ‘Illusion Head’ – a healthy, bright blonde approach Niki dreamed up.

Illusion Head – looks like bright blond hair,
but it’s actually a small amount of cleverly-placed highlights,

so the hair stays healthy

I’m oversimplyfying it, but look back on photos from the last couple months, when we really started to make progress.

Go too:


316 Adelaide Street West, Toronto


A Quick Update of Liiiiife

I know I’ve been quiet lately on social media, it’s because I have so much going on woah.

In no particular order:

En route to dinner Friday night. That was jogging pants to dinner ready in 20 minutes. My thinking is to just wear fishnets and fur, and I’ll fit in anywhere fancy.

It was quite a fancy meal actually, look at my dessert all arranged beautifully.

That was the only one I took though; taking photos of my food feels so dbag-ish.

Spent a huge chunk of time online with Charlotte recently, here we are troubleshooting Picasa.

A great first test for us, which we passed, which was not easy.

We hacked up a work around, and now she can add photos to my KeriBlog Google account. Very important, because the alternative isn’t one – share my Gmail password? Never.

Been driving a lot lately, no destination, just enjoying driving, a favourite pastime always.

Remember ‘Morning Drive‘? Try it, especially now that the weather has turned.

Studio milestone!

That’s miles, too; my car is American (that’s 279,060 km)

Had to go shopping, well, I call it “buying”.

And YA buddy, I’ve wanted a jumpsuit for like, 3 years. A jumpsuit!

Vaughn Mills Outlet Mall, almost always. Plus there’s always good car sightings in the parking lot.

Kay that’s it for now. Well there’s more, but no time, no tiiiiime.

Leave it with me guys, I think this is going to work out, and before long this ‘ole blog will be updated daily with lots. Debating only Monday-Friday though. We’ll see.


I’m taking this with my toe.


I Was So Quiet this Weekend

It was a very low-key weekend, didn’t go do or talk much.

I’m so glad the internet is moving more and more to 9-5.  The pressure to be sharing and publishing 24/7 is a weird thing, ask a blogger; it can feel like a lead cape.

Been thinking and visualizing a lot about my new assistant.
How if I had one, you’d have known sooner
about important things, such as…

… how I went to the casino on Friday night.

(I love casinos. ‘Wheel of Fortune’ slots is 1/2 of my favouirte games.
‘Jacks or Better’ video poker is the other; best odds in the house)

Or that I’d attended a great Canadian Club party the night before that.

You remember Casie far right, hey you xo! Couch soon.

(photo credit: Ryan Emberley)

If I had blog help, you’d have known that I was driving a Hyundai Accent last week.

And that my Saturday night looked pretty typical of many of my Saturday nights.

You’d have known that I’d done my bi-annual buy last week.  My shopping method is solid both in execution, and value; click here.

Nice crisp new jacket eh… I’ll show you it better in another post.

Becoming so professional, me.

I also dug around in a box under my bed this weekend, and hauled out spring clothes.

Might have that shortened.

And if I had an assistant, I’d have been able to show you this beautiful sight sooner… don’t you want to smash them so bad?

They make the most beautiful sound when they smash.

If ever you’d like to get me a frivolous gift, click here.

A blog helper.

I’m excited, ready, and going to kickstart the search this week.