So I Blinked and Today Vanished

And I didn’t even swap cars today!  Woah this Monday. This 3 job thing is something.  It only works because they’re all in the same industry – automotive.  Which, I’m officially at 1.5 years of auto journalism now tada :)  No better industry to have landed in, I’m lucky.

This daily blogging thing, a pattern is emerging: night blogger.  Seems logical… do a very solo task at night, not during the day, that’s for talking and deadlines.  Gonna run with that this week: – updated daily M-F, in one chunk, at night.

This week’s car is my Jetta, Wednesday’s column is “About Funeral Processions”, and my Chrysler 300 review is out soon. Called it “stately”, as a compliment.

kk I have to get footage to my editor, I’ll finish the security and other posts tomorrow, because I blinked again, now it’s 9:17, and I forgot to eat xo TTYT

A few photos from recently.

Jetta milestone. That’s in miles, too.  284,000 km.

Blonde by Niki. Ask for “Illusion Head“.

Go too: 416-301-1072 Brennen Demelo Studio

Sooo, once you buy 1 pair of shoes online, and this vortex opens up, and sucks you into more shoes huh…

Discovered Ordered at 2am, and by 10:30 they’d been shipped. That’s good and bad eh.

But last ones in my size, an impossible size.

This hat! Forever this hat.

Canada Goose gave me the hat, for when I covered the Olympics in video in 2010. OMG that felt so weird to type. 4 years ago now, exactly.

Went buying on the weekend, at Vaughn Mills Outlets.  That place has been my go-to mall for years.  Like, $250 reduced to a sensible $50, in & out in 45 minutes.

2 new black skirts = 2 new bases

One work, one fun, both with sneaker heels, done.

And always more jumpsuits.



A Quick Update of Liiiiife

I know I’ve been quiet lately on social media, it’s because I have so much going on woah.

In no particular order:

En route to dinner Friday night. That was jogging pants to dinner ready in 20 minutes. My thinking is to just wear fishnets and fur, and I’ll fit in anywhere fancy.

It was quite a fancy meal actually, look at my dessert all arranged beautifully.

That was the only one I took though; taking photos of my food feels so dbag-ish.

Spent a huge chunk of time online with Charlotte recently, here we are troubleshooting Picasa.

A great first test for us, which we passed, which was not easy.

We hacked up a work around, and now she can add photos to my KeriBlog Google account. Very important, because the alternative isn’t one – share my Gmail password? Never.

Been driving a lot lately, no destination, just enjoying driving, a favourite pastime always.

Remember ‘Morning Drive‘? Try it, especially now that the weather has turned.

Studio milestone!

That’s miles, too; my car is American (that’s 279,060 km)

Had to go shopping, well, I call it “buying”.

And YA buddy, I’ve wanted a jumpsuit for like, 3 years. A jumpsuit!

Vaughn Mills Outlet Mall, almost always. Plus there’s always good car sightings in the parking lot.

Kay that’s it for now. Well there’s more, but no time, no tiiiiime.

Leave it with me guys, I think this is going to work out, and before long this ‘ole blog will be updated daily with lots. Debating only Monday-Friday though. We’ll see.


I’m taking this with my toe.