So I Blinked and Today Vanished

And I didn’t even swap cars today!  Woah this Monday. This 3 job thing is something.  It only works because they’re all in the same industry – automotive.  Which, I’m officially at 1.5 years of auto journalism now tada :)  No better industry to have landed in, I’m lucky.

This daily blogging thing, a pattern is emerging: night blogger.  Seems logical… do a very solo task at night, not during the day, that’s for talking and deadlines.  Gonna run with that this week: – updated daily M-F, in one chunk, at night.

This week’s car is my Jetta, Wednesday’s column is “About Funeral Processions”, and my Chrysler 300 review is out soon. Called it “stately”, as a compliment.

kk I have to get footage to my editor, I’ll finish the security and other posts tomorrow, because I blinked again, now it’s 9:17, and I forgot to eat xo TTYT

A few photos from recently.

Jetta milestone. That’s in miles, too.  284,000 km.

Blonde by Niki. Ask for “Illusion Head“.

Go too: 416-301-1072 Brennen Demelo Studio

Sooo, once you buy 1 pair of shoes online, and this vortex opens up, and sucks you into more shoes huh…

Discovered Ordered at 2am, and by 10:30 they’d been shipped. That’s good and bad eh.

But last ones in my size, an impossible size.

This hat! Forever this hat.

Canada Goose gave me the hat, for when I covered the Olympics in video in 2010. OMG that felt so weird to type. 4 years ago now, exactly.

Went buying on the weekend, at Vaughn Mills Outlets.  That place has been my go-to mall for years.  Like, $250 reduced to a sensible $50, in & out in 45 minutes.

2 new black skirts = 2 new bases

One work, one fun, both with sneaker heels, done.

And always more jumpsuits.



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