I Dream of Having my Own Slot Machine

For years.

One of the jackpots will be a car.  And I have several of the sounds picked out already.

I haven’t decided if I want my machine to be digital like above, or analog like below.

Because these all-new type of reels are so so beautiful, mixed with lights behind them, they’re the prettiest reels I’ve probably ever seen.

Maybe my machine will have both.

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Only thing I Accomplished was this Win

Yesterday I could NOT get it together.

I read, daydreamed, laughed over lunch and that’s it.

Despite the lack of posts here, I spent the weekend working. Sunday I had an appointment at Apple to have my cracked screen and took the moment to wipe my entire computing environment.

Ever done that? It’s a good idea to do regularly, same as how a car should be sent in for routine maintenance.

Big undertaking though.

At the very least change your bank / email / Facebook passwords this week, because when was the last time you did?

I’m en route downtown on a bus. Going to meet those behind my new writing job. How old school of me eh, wanting to physically shake a hand.

Send get better vibes, been fighting a fever since last week and it’s starting to win.

xo Keri



Back Up & Running on Popsicle Sticks

Sorry again for the interruption in service, plans are in place to complete the cleanup this weekend. But between that and 4 newspaper deadlines this week, ya, woah.


I definitely don’t live in the city anymore.

Yellow is a never.

Discovered a new favourite car, below.

Can you tell what it is? It’ll get a proper post next week.

How my neighbour calls on me.

The. Best.

And I’m pleased to report I can now offer guests a place to sit. Look, a couch. Took 3 months and tada. Also note the mirror has returned.

It’s casino weather now.

Waste of a good photo opportunity eh, because whose head is big enough to make this funny?

And finally I made it inside the 400 Flea Market, been on my list for 10 years.

It was okay, I’ve been to better, I’m a flea market connoisseur.

Got this new hat there, $7 (OEMs: send me your hats)

Editing last Sunday, going to try to again this one, I love love video editing.

And with that I’m out.

Deadlines done, inbox is zeroed, and I’m off to make up for last night, Thursday night, which is always the best night of the week except yesterday’s, which was opposite.

Have a great weekend TTY Monday xo



Opposite Ends of the Spectrum Day

First, I tested Ford’s 1.0L engine in their Fiesta, the smallest engine available to buy.

It which claims some of the best fuel economy out there, but was surprisingly feisty. Really.

My review will be online tomorrow morning at Autonet, and will blog it next week.

Any day with track time makes me so happy, and did okay out there today.

During the event, two of my Autonet teammates, David Miller and Jeff Voth, and I sent a message to our editor, Dan Barron.

Who responded with this photo.

I love my job.

(meet more of my team here, and David, we need to make you a tag around here.)

Then the opposite spectrum part: off to a party for an engine about 4x the size.

Transformed in 10 minutes, from track attire to party dress, inside the hotel bathroom. I should blog some of my tricks for this, have it down to a science. That dress is 10+ years old, doesn’t wrinkle, and when in doubt, wear a suit jacket.

Up to Aurora for the Porsche Macan launch,
hosted by Pfaff.

Fancy times, ladies were in full hair and makeup, I was still covered in track dust #MoreSpectrum

I can’t put my finger on why, it’s not just that they carry luxury badges, but Pfaff is one of the classiest dealerships. Will blog that event next week, too.

Then, this.

Further proof of what I always say

Thursday Night, best night of the week.

And the end.

I have to be up at 5am to keep the dream alive, TTY then.



It’s Always a Nice Day at the Casino

That’s part of why I like it here.

Another part is that it’s much like an airport – everyone’s guards go down or off, which makes for excellent people watching.

I also think you can learn a lot about a person, based on how they conduct themselves in a casino.

Like that old saying… “if you want to know someone’s real nature, play golf or drink with them”… I’d add, “go together to a casino”.

Casinos are safe. With that many cameras and security, nothing bad can happen to you.

You can walk around openly with a fist full of money (I do), no one is going to try any electronic-scanning-wizardry in here.

I play slots with my gambling partner, we have a system. The arrow above is us crushing it, because a human had to come pay us out, “Hand Pay“.

If that ever happens to you, how that works is: put your palm out flat for the cameras > bills are counted into it > play one hand / spin in front of the attendant > done

Video poker though, that’s my game.

Best odds in the house guys.

See the purple circle first column?

The rule is: play a 9/6 machine, then an 8/5, don’t bother with anything lower.

I play ‘Jacks or Better’.

I have a theory:
video poker strategy, is the same strategy,
used to win at life.

You’ve gotta use an art of the long view, and stick to the system exactly or it doesn’t work, there will be more negative hands than positive ones, because that is the games nature, and you have to stay unaffected by this.

Can’t figure out how to film that though, since cameras aren’t so encouraged in casinos.

I recently had my biggest win ever, playing video poker.

$1,600 YA buddy.

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