A BlackBerry Q10 Review

While physically it’s a beautiful phone, and the OS is greatly improved since my old Bold…

BlackBerry’s security is why you buy.

Of the 3 big ones (Android / BB / iPhone) BlackBerry does end-user security best.

3 small examples:

1 – find most of the features I’m talking about in there
2 – the security section of the help file has 32! items, huge
3 – more feedback and control over

I didn’t realize I missed having more control over my phone, until I did (currently on iPhone).

Security aside, the Q10 made me miss having a BlackBerry. Remember the BBM days? (I’ve had a cel phone for 15 years, see my history here).

Saturday night Skyping.

It was nice to type on a physical keyboard again.

BB Q10

(aside: best part of getting a new phone is this)

Modified my GoPro for filming.

It worked well as my car stereo.

Before I hooked it into my home WiFi, I took the opportunity to change my router password.

(here’s how to do that)

Lastly, the OS.  I had an epiphany about the OS when writing about cars a couple weeks ago… click here to read about BlackBerry’s QNX OS, which is poised to become the go-to-OS for all auto infotainment systems… this is HUGE, this is what could bring BlackBerry back to its former glory.

I feel excited for you BlackBerry; I think this Q10 is terrific,
and good luck with your comeback! #GoCanadaGo

PS – fellow car-nerds: it’s a 2013 Infiniti M37xS, here’s the blog post about it

PPS – Thanks to TELUS for this opportunity


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