It Should Not be Thursday Already

It’s alarming me how fast weeks are passing. 2013 is 1/3 done. Oh time.

There was a lunar eclipse this afternoon, a full moon tonight, plus it’s Thursday night, best night of the week.  Things are gearing up for a big planetary alignment on June 5th, plan accordingly.

In less etheral news, I’ve booked a lot of travel for May = Mexico, Alberta & Oregon. Alberta to test the fully-refreshed Ford F150 Pickup truck wait, gets better, in Dinosaur Park. And it’s off with Acura to the winding roads of Oregon, for their MDX, a 7-seater SUV.

I’m behind on posting my columns, I will this weekend, because I really want you to read the pedestiran one. And the security one, obs.

At the risk of jinxing myself, starting Saturday my possible-new-assistant and I are sitting down to plan a week-long test of working together. I’m very excited. Tonight I made us a calender, and started a spreadsheet entitled; ‘Blog Post DRAFTS”, it’s 50 deep.

Below I am making said shared calendar. Sharing. Lessening control. Oh boy, guys.

Hope you too had a good Thursday night.  I finished all my jobs by 9, then jogging pants on and a quiet creative stuff only night, no work.

One thing I did was modify a Yada baby monitor Canadian Tire kindly sent me, and made it a new, more solid tripod system.

I’m going to stick it in my car then tada, my ’99 Jetta now has a backup camera / spy cam.

And I daydreamed and made notes & lists. And now there’s sticky notes everywhere, and I feel better. I have to have daydream & alone time, or I start to lose it.

What daydream & alone-time looks like.

Hand over mouth, always.

The turning point for this KeriBlog nonsense has never been closer guys.  I have a lot of irons here, there and around, and some seem like they’re about to kick off… if I can just get it just right… I think so.

Thanks for always checking in,


Look how hard I’m trying to eat better.

See that there? A bottle of spice.

I love ports.

I am wiped.



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