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Was in Arizona all Week

Returned last night.

It was my company’s annual Manager’s Conference, held this year in Scottsdale, AZ.

It was a week learning and laughing.

My colleagues are genuinely hilarious; I jackknife-laughed at least 100 times.

But I barely documented any of it.

These photos are it.

No one can see me documenting my outfit right now, right?…

For the first time ever, I travelled without my computer.

It felt freeing, loved it, will do it again.

It was an intense week, and now my mind is mush. Opened my laptop to blog and…

I completely forgot the password to my laptop.

Sat like this in a total blank. It went on for an hour. Eventually I had to dig out the sticky-note-backup from its hiding spot.

After I hit Publish, the rest of today will be spent on the couch sitting quietly, in jogging pants doing nothing. Absorbing.

Guys I’m an “executive” now, woah.

Here’s to a strong start to your week!

xo Keri



About the First 2 Weeks of my New Job

Short answer – I LOVE it. The pace, the people, the company is very good to us, and just the nature of it – fix the dent, the end.

Remember I was excited for a world that’s not social media based? Is it EVER the opposite; these people barely touch their phones let alone laptops, haven’t seen anyone take a selfie.

It’s truly like the ad says – 9-5 & no weekends.  So this is what life balance feels like… To be honest though, I’m still a bit, “so… when’s the afternoon couch-&-Netflix break?”

Look, real outfits!  Had to sort that out.

Below is a paint booth.

All this preparation for one little dent!  When I learned this my breath sucked in, “and we charge HOW much? I want to raise the prices.”

Better join now before I figure out how to.

Dent removal tools are colourful.

As of last Wednesday- got my first new client, and made my first sale!

Went to Halifax for a week.

Screwed up pretty good on both Mondays so far…

1 – my very first day, my boss is waiting to pick me up at the press car company, and while filling up with gas I locked the keys in the car… the only set of keys, plus my phone, laptop, wallet, the works. Ya

2 -second Monday I land in Halifax for the week, out to dinner and… got food poisoning. Phone my boss Tuesday morning, “hi hi, I realize you just invested a bunch to ship me here and people are waiting but…”

Remember the 4 Core Values of Dent Wizard I said I liked?

Saw a more detailed diagram hanging in the body shop.

Can you eat alone?

In sales, you have to.

Every night by 9pm I’m in bed.

I’m just vibrating “ok whaaaat just happened… here is a car and a new email; oh I’m in Halifax now; I have a team to manage okaaaay; the marketplace is saturated but no problem right, it’s totally achievable; better be because I’m in charge of a _lot_ of revenue oh boy; woah I’m a commuter now…”

Game ON.




An Animal is Living Under my House

Today was one of those days. Started at 2am when I realized there’s a animal living under my house. Beneath my living room, and loud too, like it’s having a party. It’s probably a racoon or … skunk.

Guess it’s lucky I slept on the couch eh, at least I know now.

Found where I think it’s getting in, and monitored the hole while I worked. Kind’ve pointless really, like what, I hope it emerges, stretches in the sunlight then takes a stroll, leaving me to plug the hole?

I’m just very worried, because what’s the worst case scenario:

it’s a skunk > I startle it > it sprays > house is now inhabitable

What’s the solution to avoid that? I’m Googling, calling animal control places, mass texting the same message, just freaking for advice.

One text said to build a trap door huh…

Then I start getting messages about an entirely different problem.

Seeing your blog is down feels like a sucker punch to the face, then all air leaves your lungs.

Do what I can, go back to the other problem.

One animal control receptionist’s honesty was the best advice of the day, “there is no clear answer to your skunk question, and there’s a chance it’ll just leave.

But basically, all the crew is going to do is scare it away, for $300.”

Okay then.

Where the sound is coming from, and the entry to the space, are the two furthest points of course.

If ever I’m in a conversation with someone about being new homeowners, and you see a look flash across my face, when someone with a condo compares our circumstances?

That look is this post.

I didn’t startle anything thankfully. Heard no evidence of an animal, it must’ve taken that stroll.

But there IS something living down there… that bio-evidence wasn’t there during the renovation 3 months ago.

My plan is – tomorrow I’ll put garbage bags over my outfit, crawl through the evidence to the other side, find its entry point, and seal it from both sides.

So we can get back to the far more fun topic of cars.

Sorry for the lack of them today.

(2016 Jeep Wrangler)

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UPDATE – Sunday Dec. 6

Went under, crawled all the way in. Once I confirmed it wasn’t there I was fine, but until then, so scared. It’s SO dusty, I ended up in a bed of pink insulation, no wonder it likes here.

Found the entry point. Plugged it with cinderblocks. Will check on it next weekend, make sure it’s holding.

I’m pretty worried, neighbours estimate it’s 90% a skunk. Please keep your fingers crossed it does not spray, and I win this gross battle.