At the Dentist

Here’s a rarely-seen point-of-view.

I’m missing a set of teeth; my head was too small so they were pulled out.

Between these photos, and the x-rays I blogged, and my pre-braces teeth molds, should I ever need to be identified by teeth, done.

Those are the most grinded teeth you’ll see in a very long time.

So bad the dentist is making me a sleeper-mouth-guards, because “you have the grinding of someone +40 years, Keri”.

Not good, guys.

I’m going to have learn better stress management.

Or go back to beating up bums at night.



Things I Found When Moving

Highschool prom dress. Purchased at Value Village.

The best electronic organizer I’ve ever owned – a Palm V; it was aluminum and had a rechargeable battery.

I’ve had an electronic organizer for 22 years; this one was my first.

Terry Mullan was my favourite DJ way back when, Chicago acid house. Notice how his name is spelled differently on the tapes, analog times.

My teeth pre-braces, circa grade 11.

I wore these pants as part of my security guard uniform.  They’re 5.11 Tactical pants, and that’s funny.

I also wear 5.11s as winter boots, love them OH WAIT YES… I have the perfect photo of them from last week…..

I dropped my camera, and caught it in my boot, TADA.  Reflexes.