Had to Go Into the City Today, Twice

Since I moved July 25, bet I’ve been downtown maybe 5 times in total.

So today was a lot. Don’t miss it. This helped.

So fun to drive, the Mazda MX-5.

It’s just my size too, a rarity. Together we can fit anywhere.

Dentist. Again.

Still have never had a cavity, ever.

It took me almost 3 hours to get out of the city. That’s not sitting on the DVP either, that’s using creativity, back ways, and still.

Not happy; being trapped in a car, that’s trapped on a road surrounded by cars, is one of my least favourite feelings.

Have a post about Toronto traffic building in my mind. I think about traffic a lot actually.

Least when I returned this evening, I didn’t have to drive.

Let’s pose.

kk I’m done.

Today’s weak blog update courtesy of the traffic that sucked it all out of me.

Back to enjoying the best night of the week #ThursdayNight

Hope yours is good too TTYT



At the Dentist

Here’s a rarely-seen point-of-view.

I’m missing a set of teeth; my head was too small so they were pulled out.

Between these photos, and the x-rays I blogged, and my pre-braces teeth molds, should I ever need to be identified by teeth, done.

Those are the most grinded teeth you’ll see in a very long time.

So bad the dentist is making me a sleeper-mouth-guards, because “you have the grinding of someone +40 years, Keri”.

Not good, guys.

I’m going to have learn better stress management.

Or go back to beating up bums at night.