Holy Crap I Cooked

Happens about once a year, not being dramatic.

I have not-cooking down to a science. Teenage boys probably have better diets than me.

Read the last line of my bio, over there —–>

I made a diorama in my microwave.

One time I was tricked into baking a pie.

I originally documented it here, but I decided to re-blog it, really complete this one lone cooking post.

This post is so getting it’s own catagory #NerdJoke

PS – sorry about the grainy photos below, it was 2009, the internet was different then. These may have been taken with my Razr.

PPS – this was during Obama’s inauguration party, click here.  I said he looked like he was on MTV, and the first thing he said as President was, “My wife is hot”. Brillliant.

And THAT right there, that’s one of the best parts of blogging.

KeriBlog’s Beautiful Apple Pie Recipe

From July 2011

Follow along from left to right:

Ewww, why did I agree to this? Now is not the time to tell them I don’t like fruit. Sucking it up.

Ha, got out of taking the skins off.

Might not be in the clear. Now the cores have to come out. And they don’t have a little machine to do it, I asked.

Chris showing me how to “core an apple”. Then he hovered over me while I did because “watching you use a knife is kinda terrifying, Keri”.

Now you make lemon rind using this grater.

Jim: Push harder Keri, have you never done this before?
Me: No, never.
Jim: Okay, you know what a lemon is right? I mean, how far back do you want me to go here?
Me: [jack-knifes]

– Hey Jim painted all these, pretty eh!

– Get instructions how to roll out dough. You wanna do it as fast as you can

– Take a break to watch Michelle and Obama’s first dance. We loved it when he added in that little leg kick

– Get back to eating dough

– Look what I found! It’s a steel machete with the handle made by folding over the bottom

– If I ever bake again I’m gonna use this thing from start to finish

– Now have Jim pour the fruit into the crust

– Decorate the top of the pie. Really take your time to avoid…

– … the dishes. It works.

– Tada! Jim put the American flag on the pie, I made the new First Family

– That’s Jim

– And Chris

Then we served it with some ice cream and you know, it was a good feeling to feed people. Kinda get it now.

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