A Saturday Night Update

It’s a pretty typical Saturday night here, bubbly water and my laptop. I’m polishing this week’s column, which is the 3rd (and final) instalment in what accidentally turned into an Eco series. Here’s Part 1 & Part 2.

I’m also doing blog renovations, and cleaning up my accounts around the internet.

Plus cleaning IRL.

Tomorrow kicks off the Year of the Snake.

I’m almost done, except for this mess.

This is the latest song I’m OCDing out to; how is this not a radio hit?

Insert headphones and turn it UP.

Remember dance packing? Chinese New Year cleaning will look like this.

(that’s an old OCD’ed out song)

Had a great time at the FordBlue party last night. Not surprising, Ford always puts on class events.

The storm was fun, eh! Canada looks like Canada again.

It also allows me to wear some favouite boots.  Good to -75ºC.

My hair looks great eh, this is Niki’s best blonde yet. Thanks missy xo

She’s been perfecting “Illusion Hair”; I’ll detail it out another time, it’s clever. Go see her, too.

I’ve been cooking :O

It counts as cooking, I used heat.

This is from last week, but I look exactly the same right now #SaturdayNightUniform

I’ll leave you with what my desk right now, been a while since I documented it.

TTYL, have a great rest-of-weekend,

xo Keri


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