A Brief History of my Days as a Security Guard

When I first moved to Toronto years ago, I used to work as a security guard at different downtown venues.

This is BMO field, where the TFC soccer team plays. Season’s ticket holders enter the stadium at the green *

If you were a 2009 season’s ticket holder,
I probably checked your bag.

And probably commented on its contents.

To the mothers, sorry I had to take away your kid’s food, they made me. Not sorry for all the water bottle caps I unscrewed, that’s a no every time.

One night, across the way at the Ricoh Coliseum, I was on search at the door, for a Slipknot concert, and I’d forgotten my gloves :S

Gwen Stefani smiled at me once, and it’s amazing how pumped people get for Nickelback. Saw Adele before she was Adele, the former head coach of the Raptors gave me a locker room coke, and I once escorted ACDC to their van without realizing it.

When Elton John was here, that was me, in the centre of the arena, sitting on a speaker guarding the sound mixer. David Furnish sat beside me for a bit, he has a nice air about him.  Britney Spears was the only shift I ever requested.

Three days at the Royal Agricultural Fair feels like forever, this job really slowed down time.

And no, I don’t want your guitar pick.

The perks of this job were lost on me, since I rarely listen to music.  Mostly I’d ask to be assigned to the quietest, remote corner, and read.

About my over-the-top 5.11 pants I got for my uniform.

(top photo – taken during a backstage tour of the Honda Indy)




The CIAS AutoShow in Toronto 2012

It’s our country’s largest show – the Canadian International AutoShow. I went Thursday, day before it opened, media-only.

Ford invited me, thanks guys! I had a great time.

They unveiled  their all-new mid-size sedan.. introducing the 2013 Ford Fusion.  It’s is their favourite car.

It's a beautiful sedan.

That material, I investigated it when I attended the LA Autoshow. I have the finding on video.

Also learned the new CEO of Ford Canada is a lady!  Congratulations on your new job, Dianne Craig!

Then I went exploring the whole show.

Took a TON of photos, have them ready to go for…

My New Blog… Keri on Cars… coming soon!

That’s going to be a fun blog.

Inspired by suspension bridges.

I see you, George!

Real life HotWheels car.

The gentleman in the pink tie is the United States Ambassador to Canada, David Jacobson.

Ran into Rick, hi buddy welcome to my blog!

We used to work together during my security guard days.

Then I walked over to the North building and found this.

I’d accidentally arrived exactly on time for the grand opening of the ‘Auto Exotica’ area, ha.

Most expensive car at the show –

the Aston Martin One-77, $1.7 million.

It was around here I got into a debate with my new pals, Mark and Giancarlo.

(Photo credit to Roger Cullman, who will beat you at Scrabble guaranteed)

My point was: if you are going to buy a Rolls Royce, you must also hire a driver. One should never be seen driving their own Rolls.

By now it’s the end of the day, I’m done, and all the cars are starting to look the same.

I slipped out, back and back up.

I’ll keep you posted on the new site… a blog just about driving, it was only a matter of time.

If we’re just meeting: I had an internet show about Canada for 3 years, 80 episodes, and starring… my car.

Here I sum it up in 18 seconds of song:



Things I Found When Moving

Highschool prom dress. Purchased at Value Village.

The best electronic organizer I’ve ever owned – a Palm V; it was aluminum and had a rechargeable battery.

I’ve had an electronic organizer for 22 years; this one was my first.

Terry Mullan was my favourite DJ way back when, Chicago acid house. Notice how his name is spelled differently on the tapes, analog times.

My teeth pre-braces, circa grade 11.

I wore these pants as part of my security guard uniform.  They’re 5.11 Tactical pants, and that’s funny.

I also wear 5.11s as winter boots, love them OH WAIT YES… I have the perfect photo of them from last week…..

I dropped my camera, and caught it in my boot, TADA.  Reflexes.