A Brief History of my Days as a Security Guard

When I first moved to Toronto years ago, I used to work as a security guard at different downtown venues.

This is BMO field, where the TFC soccer team plays. Season’s ticket holders enter the stadium at the green *

If you were a 2009 season’s ticket holder,
I probably checked your bag.

And probably commented on its contents.

To the mothers, sorry I had to take away your kid’s food, they made me. Not sorry for all the water bottle caps I unscrewed, that’s a no every time.

One night, across the way at the Ricoh Coliseum, I was on search at the door, for a Slipknot concert, and I’d forgotten my gloves :S

Gwen Stefani smiled at me once, and it’s amazing how pumped people get for Nickelback. Saw Adele before she was Adele, the former head coach of the Raptors gave me a locker room coke, and I once escorted ACDC to their van without realizing it.

When Elton John was here, that was me, in the centre of the arena, sitting on a speaker guarding the sound mixer. David Furnish sat beside me for a bit, he has a nice air about him.  Britney Spears was the only shift I ever requested.

Three days at the Royal Agricultural Fair feels like forever, this job really slowed down time.

And no, I don’t want your guitar pick.

The perks of this job were lost on me, since I rarely listen to music.  Mostly I’d ask to be assigned to the quietest, remote corner, and read.

About my over-the-top 5.11 pants I got for my uniform.

(top photo – taken during a backstage tour of the Honda Indy)




Hello, An Update

Been a busy May, eh.  Can you believe it’s mid-May ugh.

Let’s see…

Went to a Toronto FC game recently, always a great time beacuse it’s a loud and rowdy crowd.

Learned that soccer is called, “the beautiful game”, because once the clock starts it doesn’t stop, so therefore the game is always contained to two hours. Unlike football, which has so many stops and starts I practically died of boredom last year and left early.

Box view:

Got a haircut, this time Matthew from Brennen Demelo Studio. He just returned from Berlin Germany, where he was furthering his education,.

That’s one of the best parts about this place… you can go to any stylist there if your regular isn’t available, and everything will still come out amazing.

What else…

Oh, I got this idea in my head a few weeks back…. I’d like to be a Toronto tour guide atop a double decker bus, spouting off into the microphone facts about the city and Canada. You do not even realize how much Canadian facts I have here in my head.

I’d film the entire experience of course, and then ideally I sell the video to some tourism outfit which promotes Toronto, and this is just one of a million ideas I have everyday and WHERE IS MY ARMY TO HELP ME EXECUTE IT ALL???

Now please give a warm welcome my new music sponsor, Capo Productions!

Royalty-free music is pricey and important. Did you know  YouTube uses a robot to scan the audio on your video as it uploads, determines if you are  using a song you don’t own and flags your video for further analysis?

Thank you Fred, I’m pumped about this!

Here’s some noteworthy technical things:

From top left to right:

– I’m quite proud of that pie chart, specifically the yellow chunk… this is the average time spent on my blog.  35% of visitors spend over an hour here. So thank you for pushing play!

– I think the private cloud market will explode soon, and have been thinking to invest in it

– there’s something you don’t see everyday, a red light on the side of a Macbook, my Macbook.

– that’s my Klout score, holding at a solid 50, not bad not bad. See how it says I’m an “activist”? I like that.  It got many of my “influential about” topics correct (McDonalds, ha), except for ‘Keri Hilson’, I’ve never typed her name ever?

Kay that’s a long blog post, TTYS.