CONTACT – the World’s Largest Photography Event

Chalk up another ‘world’s biggest and best’ to Canada! 

Last night I attended the VIP kickoff party for the 16th annual CONTACT Photography Event at  MOCCA – the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art.

It’s brought to you by Scotiabank (who support the arts more than any other Canadian bank, neat eh).

You know when you’re cruising around Toronto and woah,

where’d that giant photo plastered on a

concrete pillar holding up the highway come from?


1000 artists, 200 venues, and an audience of 1.8 million

My favourite.

I like their blurred out faces.

The resolution is ridiculous on these prints in real life.

Look for CONTACT stuff around town all May.

Remember to look up. No one ever looks up.


Sneak Peak at ‘Keri on Security’

This is the one guys, I cracked it… the subject and the format, the passion I have for this subject, the timing, and and and.

I am SO excited.

Screen shots from the intro.

Screen shots from the ‘DEF CON 19 Interview Series’ videos.

Video topics, things you’ll be learning to do.

It’s a big topic I’ve chosen, online security… tweeted this yesterday:

Good thing I like a challenge, game on.

I’ll keep you posted, going back to editing the intro now.



I’m South of the Border, Literally

A big warm hello!  Look no jacket or boots yesss.

Found this place en route to Myrtle Beach, my first stop on my ‘Escaping the Winter’ tour.

South of the Border – America’s Favoutite Highway Oasis since 1949.

It’s filled with tacky souvenir shops like this, the kind I love.

I never buy anything (I just got rid of everything, remember?) but just like to look and laugh.

Things made funny by giant-ism.

Paper mache animals everywhere.

That’s funny that this is someone’s job and business, “what do you do?”, “make giant animals”

Boy do I love it here.