Turn your Car into a Library

The internet is arriving in our dashes this year, and a Canadian! company is the one (and only) to use it to stream audiobooks into our cabins. We speak with Sanjay Singhal, CEO of AudioBooks.com.

The streaming service will debut in Jaguar Land Rover, arriving this April 2015, with other manufacturers lined up behind them.

Read it online at Autonet.

Favourite line:

The New York Times top 100 list is available, and includes The Hunger Games trilogy, 50 Shades of EyeRoll, American Sniper, and Gone Girl.

’50 Shades of EyeRoll‘… come ON that I got that printed. 

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Miscellaneous Things From the Last Few Weeks

In no particular order:

This Week’s Flowers Thank you K XO

That’s a good friend to text me this.

She sure followed through.

People in the next town probably heard us laughing, we’re so loud.

I have a loud laugh.

Sorry to my neighbours.

This week’s car: 2015 Mazda MX-5 (Miata)

It’s the 25th Anniversary edition.

I’m good with this car because of the Mazda Adventure Rally, which will for sure be on my list, “Top 3 Best press trips of 2014′.

Finally found a worthy home for my Nancy Drew collection.

55 hardcore originals (35 lbs) that I’ve moved with 1,000 times. Parents: you can’t go too west feeding your young lady this series.

Go for Keri.

Last of my blue dress for 2014.




KeriBlog's Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide

Don’t feel bad if you’re not finished your Christmas shopping, you’re in good company…

1/3 of purchases are made 10 days before Christmas

Let’s go left to right.

The book: Concierge Confidential: The Gloves Come Off—and the Secrets Come Out! Tales from the Man Who Serves Millionaires, Moguls, and Madmen

Who doesn’t like hearing stories about rich people behaving badly? Michael is New York’s premiere concierge, and has been for years.

I met him at a fancy dinner Amex invited me to in the fall. See me ruling the roost at the head of the table? Nah, I’m just being dramatic.

I inhaled this book, the best part was learning his tricks to getting the impossible accomplished… he’s quite the social engineer really, hat tip Michael!

A fancy USB key.

It’s from Swarovski, you can find them in any mall, and everyone has a use for a USB key… functional and fashionable always makes for a good gift.

Snoxin deletes your wrinkles. Really.

I wouldn’t have believed it either, but after receiving some at a blog event I ran a test, and stuff actually works.

It’s filled with peptides, the stuff that puffs your skin back up, and has the most you can legally put in a product. It’s a Canadian company, and here’s the best part, you can find it at Shoppers, easy.

And if none of these appeal to you, showing up with fresh flowers works too. Just don’t show up empty handed, that’s bad form.

FULL DISCLOSURE – I was introduced to these products through my blog, but I am not being paid by any of these companies, I just genuinely like this stuff. I probably won’t even tell them I did this, I’m a bad blogger that way.

An Original Online Bad Boy is Canadian – Mafiaboy

Mafiaboy – A Portrait of the Hacker as a Young Man

by Michael Calce
with Craig Silverman

In 2000 the hacker Mafiaboy brought down eBay, CNN, Amazon, Dell, E*TRADE and Yahoo!. Woah, I know. Big deal legal ramifications ensued, he’s totally white hat now, really great story.

Here’s the book’s website and here’s the Amazon link.

The @ symbol was used all the way back then 10+ years ago, preceding your name just like today: @KeriBlog

I’m kinda amazed that DDoS attacks are still the most effective, after all this time… but when I think more about it ,makes complete sense, but isn’t that funny in itself? All that advancement and still one of original tricks is the best.

Did you know Estonia is VERY wired, and the government declared internet a human right.

Just finished this book tonight.

I’ve got a list here of Just a Minute videos to do about online safety. Note the word safety, not security. I’m not an expert. Do not take my word for it, look it up.

Your online security is only as good as you make it.

It’s a big internet out there!

Change your passwords… because when was the last time you did?

Here’s a video about that.