Painting is the Dullest Trade I Learned


I primed the baseboards and this mirror, and that was all I lasted. Of all the new construction skills I learned this past month, painting is the dullest.


Fresh paint sure adds polish to a room, once the trim was finished my whole house crisped up beautifully.

There’s a life metaphor in here somewhere… the most boring task has the most impact…

Maybe the best #ThisWeeksFlowers yet. Top 3 for sure. They’re from my own garden.

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Research & Read, Write & Repeat

That was today. Plus wrote the news – the Android Auto infotainment system launched today, and the 2015 Hyundai Sonata is the first to offer it.

Research was for my column, and the topic I chose is proving to be tougher to sum up than I thought it’d be – under the copyright act, a new law prohibiting you from working on your own car may soon come into affect.

Then I fell into an RFID research hole, but was pulled out when a little worker stopped by. An hour later the lawns and porches were beautiful, and we picked flowers.

This Week’s Flowers. From my own garden.
irst time I ever typed that!

And lilacs at that, one of my top 3 favourite smells.

Right now I’m pulling my usual sneak-away-from-parties move to sit in some silence, and write this. So hi hi and sorry I have to run, TTYT



Life Admin & a Possible Speech Took Over Today

So there will be no big blog update.

Tuesday’s are my news slot at the paper, then I had to deal with all the Life Admin that’d piled up (Life Admin – the stuff you must maintain to keep a life running smoothing, such as paying bills, managing relationships, errands, and my hair’s not actually blonde eh.)

So much of today was spent on the phone. Love the phone. Like how I loop my headset around my ears?

On a day like this it’s tough to flip seamlessly to writing brain, especially if it’s technical and requires deep focus, topics like the technical differences between Static VS Variable AWD, or the math behind having a 25-character password.

Then I got real pre-occupied with this:


    BSides Vancouver

is a 2-day, high-end gathering for information security professionals, hackers, coders and the greater tech community, coming up in March.

I’m currently at 80% yes. The speech just like, flew of my fingers, and the slide presentation deck began to piece itself together WAIT, I’m going to do a word count on it hang on…. 1,141… 15 sub-topics… increase that to 85%.

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That would mean my first ever speaking engagement is in front of 250 people, that are really smart like, the security crowd is discerning… got nervous just typing that.

Going to sleep on it, I always do on big decisions…. to debut in front of 250 people, plus video lives forever online…

Disappearing back into daydream-plotting mind, TTYT

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Miscellaneous Things From the Last Few Weeks

In no particular order:

This Week’s Flowers Thank you K XO

That’s a good friend to text me this.

She sure followed through.

People in the next town probably heard us laughing, we’re so loud.

I have a loud laugh.

Sorry to my neighbours.

This week’s car: 2015 Mazda MX-5 (Miata)

It’s the 25th Anniversary edition.

I’m good with this car because of the Mazda Adventure Rally, which will for sure be on my list, “Top 3 Best press trips of 2014′.

Finally found a worthy home for my Nancy Drew collection.

55 hardcore originals (35 lbs) that I’ve moved with 1,000 times. Parents: you can’t go too west feeding your young lady this series.

Go for Keri.

Last of my blue dress for 2014.




Beast Mode All Day

Auto. Writing. Machine. Love the beast mode feeling.

And after I hit publish that’s it for work till Monday. Look at me learning to have a more balanced life.

Now look how Canadian I look.

Look so Canadian

All I want to do this weekend is manual labour, really.

I like it because it’s so opposite of what I do… scrub sweep polish, see results instantly. Because you could blog yourself into oblivion.

Measure 10 times, buy 1 time.

And I’m going to mess around with this, it’s an OBDII port reader.

And take the Chrysler 200 for a destination-less drive.

Like this.

First flowers of the new house! This week’s flowers.

Thank you K xo, and for driving so far too.

But right now, I’m going to drink beers with the boys. I’ll toast you.

Have a great weekend, TTY Monday.