I’m Mobile Again YA Buddy

Boarded the GO train yesterday morning to Oakville.  I like the train.  Probably because I don’t have to take it everyday.

Destination was Ford Headquarters.

I walked in…hi hi I’m Keri, you have a car for me. Yes we do, here are the keys.

30 seconds later, this:

THAT is class.

The first place I drove was my beloved Cherry Beach.

And I am. It’s one of my favourite places in Toronto.

I have filmed so many videos there:

This is Morning Drive
I Read You my Manifesto
Getting Sand
No More Studio
– and more.

Being mobile is important, I designed my life around it, and when I was rendered car-less last year well, that was a big problem.

See ya later problem!

Seat heaters YES. Those will stay on the entire week.

And it came pre-programmed with all my favourite radio stations. How did they know?! :|

Thank you, Ford!

I look forward to cornering the crap out of your Fiesta. Wink ;)





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