Hashtags, Hacks and Hair

Hope you had a great weekend, too!

I made this yesterday; it analyzes my 8,500 tweets, and determines my most used hashtags (most discussed topics) on Twitter:

Red arrow: Top 5 hashtags

  • #Security
  • #VW
  • #SundayCleaning
  • #ThursdayNight
  • #Toronto

(via TweetStats)

Here I am #FixingTallVenetianBlinds during #SundayCleaning

That’s two hacks I invented this weekend!

  1. – a ladder
  2. – tissue in the door frame until I can weather strip (door rattles)

Poor ThisIsMyHack.com… it’s my most neglected blog, always lands at the bottom of the list when I sit down to polish one of them.

It’s also my first submission site, I’m excited to see how that turns out. I won’t be accepting any attachments, or clicking links to places I don’t recognize, I can tell you that for sure #security

#PlanetaryAlignment on Tuesday

Won’t happen again for 100+ years 

If you’re in EST, look up starting at 6:30pm.

Still having hair anxiety.

Still upset at myself for caring so much about hair.

Made a new and more accurate, Twitter profile pic.

In other news.

And now this about to happen.

Here’s to a proper & productive start to your week!



Meet DigiSo, West Virginia’s First Co-Working Digital Studio

DigiSo is the result of collaborative brainstorming by the West Virginia State University Economic Development Center (EDC), Create West Virginia, and more than a dozen working professionals in media design, production and Internet technologies.

Cool, eh?!  You can meet here, rent out brand-new equipment, and find like-minded people to trade tips and swap ideas.

Hey Toronto pals – remember two years ago when social media really took off and everything changed?  They’re on the cusp of that (Charleston is the largest city in the state).

Thanks to these guys for making this happen!

And special thanks to Sarah ;)

The DigiSo space will offer drop-in work stations, and editing suite, voice studio, secure access and storage, all basic production equipment creates need, and meeting space ideal for large and intimate groups.

My second favourite room.

My first favourite room – the green screen studio.

Here we are inside, getting our group ‘Anchor’ shot.

Here’s how you know this place is class… see the arrow?

They thought to install coat hooks in the bathrooms.  Success is in the details.

Last minute presentation preparation.


This was right after the opening, the Charleston chapter of Ignite – a worldwide speaking group, tagline, “Enlighten Us, But Make it Quick”.  You get 20 slides and 5 minutes.  Here’s me prepping for it.

Click here: Digiso.org It’s a beautiful site.

Here’s the direct link to my page.

I spoke about how to build your brand online, and why having a blog is good for a human.

Oh, remember when I referenced I’d also built a green screen studio?

Here’s that video.

I’m an “Anchor” here.

What I’d like to share with you: what I’ve learned about blogging, social media, living online, and managing a brand online, all to help you find, or create, a job in this brand new industry.

I’d like to spend an afternoon together, help you create and build your online identity.  Show you how to manage it.  Make it so when I say, “I’m about to SEO the crap out of this post”, you’ll know what I mean.

Thanks for a great time, I’m pumped to be a part of DigiSo!  

And a huge congratulations guys,

your hard work paid off beautifully. 


PS – Yup, that was my big mouth on the invitation ;) (it’s from my airport post)



All PowerPoint All Day

I’ve never had slides for when I spoke. Had to remedy that today.

My thinking is this: if you have to have slides playing during your speech, you mustn’t be very engaging, and have already lost the game.

Took way longer to make than I thought it would. I’ve got 20 slides here, and a new respect for PowerPoint presentations. Some have over 100.

Back and forth between all hard drives… I have created 3 terabytes of content over the years, boom boom.

Then I practiced my presentation in this little simulator I set up, ha.

This is great, I now have a 5 minute presentation that I can easily and quickly modify for any audience.

Maybe my favourite slide.

Second favourite.

Then I conked out.



I’m Part of the 0.0002%

I kept my last name off the internet for 5 years.

This is my Google+ account – KeriBlog.

It’s been suspended since I got it;
they don’t like my last name, “Blog”.

So I wrote to them saying noooo.

Hours later Google replied I was right.

Now here’s the interesting part.

There is very little information online to guide you, because this issue is so rare.

This article from TechCrunch sums it up:

0.1% of 50 million users submit name appeals,

20% of that is like me.

Let’s do the math on that…


I’m part of the 0.0002% or 1 / 10,000

It’s not without issue though… because of this rarity, I end up with problems that are not documented and likely few have.

For example: my Picasa photo uploader stopped working for no reason two weeks ago. Which I almost had a meltdown over; that’s like a carpenter’s hammer vanishing. The worst part is there’s nothing I can do about it.

Being a spy is a lot of extra ugh.

Regardless of everything though, ha!

Because if Google says it’s true,
it’s true, right?



You NEED to Care About SOPA and PIPA

Very very basically:

Hollywood started all this.  They were all “waaaah, our movies are being pirated around the world and we want that to stop because we are greedy d-bags“.

So they complained to Congress, who drew up the two bills:

     SOPA – Stop Online Piracy Act

     PIPA – Protect IP Act.

If these bills pass, they will make our internet

like China’s – extremely censored.

CNET called SOPA, “an Internet death penatly”.

Watch this animated .gif from The Oatmeal, it explains it beautifully:




What about the smaller sites we all use to post photos, keep documents… what if they are wrongly accused and removed?  Goodbye to all your photos and digital life, and no, you’ll never ever get them back.

I predicted this last year, fast forward to 0:37.

We can’t vote in Canada on this, we’re counting

on you big time, American friends!

 January 24 – please vote.

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