You NEED to Care About SOPA and PIPA

Very very basically:

Hollywood started all this.  They were all “waaaah, our movies are being pirated around the world and we want that to stop because we are greedy d-bags“.

So they complained to Congress, who drew up the two bills:

     SOPA – Stop Online Piracy Act

     PIPA – Protect IP Act.

If these bills pass, they will make our internet

like China’s – extremely censored.

CNET called SOPA, “an Internet death penatly”.

Watch this animated .gif from The Oatmeal, it explains it beautifully:




What about the smaller sites we all use to post photos, keep documents… what if they are wrongly accused and removed?  Goodbye to all your photos and digital life, and no, you’ll never ever get them back.

I predicted this last year, fast forward to 0:37.

We can’t vote in Canada on this, we’re counting

on you big time, American friends!

 January 24 – please vote.

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