Rested and Ready for a New Week

My car column kicks off this week!

When I mailed my draft earlier to my editor, my hand shook a bit over the send button, not gonna lie.

#SundayCleaning is complete, my first article is done and submitted, and my inbox is zeroed BOOM.

Uploading a video right now, well, kicking a video online.

I’ve gotta be doing something wrong, there’s no way it takes everyone this long to post a video, otherwise there’d be way less garbage on YouTube. Think I’ll make an appointment at the Apple store, get some Final Cut exporting advice. Get some.

Made it to my mailbox. Usually it’s just boring old bills, this time ha!  Free Beer does exist. Thanks Sapporo :) And may I compliment you on your beautiful penmanship.

Worked on my sidebar last night, that’s why there’s doubles and triples. I’m adding in new ones I made a few weeks ago, click here.

Then I went for a beer and read.

That’s one of my invisibility outfits, the look is, “I’m not here pay no attention leave me be”.

This weeks flowers.

Here’s to a strong and productive start to your week, one of our last of the summer, go offline and outside!


xo Keri


70% of The Weekend I Looked Like This

While looking at this:

Non-nerds – you’re looking at a brand-new, pristine WordPress site. I’m going to port KeriBlog over when I’m finished building it. Comments will work again, one analytics log-in instead of 5, ONE SIDEBAR oh guys, so happy.

The red AI – that’s After the Deadline: an artificial intelligence based spell, style, and grammar checker.  Check the * box to be warned when your writing is too passive. Seriously.  While in Washington in January, I met one of the developers who wrote it; he was funny.

And I’m repeating myself, but AI and mind control and thought-power, it’s coming. It’s closer than you think. This huge shift of the last 5 years when the world got online, it’s nothing compared to what’s around the corner.

The other 30% of this weekend I looked like this.

Friday night.

People-watching with a beer on a street is one of my favourite things.

Saturday night.


Found this awesome FinalCut filter.

This week’s flowers.

They smell like cloves. If your home smells like fresh flowers, that’s classy.

Here’s to a great start to your week, go kill it!

See you online.



A New Week Starts Now

Pretty matter-of-fact blog post titles lately, huh.

I walk a lot.

Fresh air and exercise, no destination just wandering, off my phone, follow my heart around corners, sometimes day dreamy.

Like here.

—-> I imagine how I’d best get to the roof
* – I’m not alone – that plywood is someone’s security measure

Re-discovered Bulk Barn on Saturday.

Not scared of that.

Doesn’t it look like I photoshopped in my boots?

Now if ever I have to submit a photo of my plain face, I’ll come grab this one.  Efficiency yes!

Sunday cleaning.  Obviously.

Half the reason I declare that online each week is to remind myself one week of time has passed.

Time.  Goes.  Too.  Fast.

During cleaning I unpacked this.

You know that item of clothing you have, a pair of jeans or a dress?  That one you use to measure your weight and size, you keep even if they don’t fit, because they don’t fit. That’s this dress.

Hadn’t seen it in 9 months. Last summer the pleat in the front was splayed open and the zipper, oh.

Deep breath.

YA BUDDY. Here I am showing you it’s loose, AT THAT.

You stop eating McDonald’s all the time, and things can happen. It was a bit out of hand for a while there guys.  It’s just so fast and delicious.

Have a great Monday, and start to your week!

It’s Car Swap Day, TTY on Twitter from the road.



Hashtags, Hacks and Hair

Hope you had a great weekend, too!

I made this yesterday; it analyzes my 8,500 tweets, and determines my most used hashtags (most discussed topics) on Twitter:

Red arrow: Top 5 hashtags

  • #Security
  • #VW
  • #SundayCleaning
  • #ThursdayNight
  • #Toronto

(via TweetStats)

Here I am #FixingTallVenetianBlinds during #SundayCleaning

That’s two hacks I invented this weekend!

  1. – a ladder
  2. – tissue in the door frame until I can weather strip (door rattles)

Poor… it’s my most neglected blog, always lands at the bottom of the list when I sit down to polish one of them.

It’s also my first submission site, I’m excited to see how that turns out. I won’t be accepting any attachments, or clicking links to places I don’t recognize, I can tell you that for sure #security

#PlanetaryAlignment on Tuesday

Won’t happen again for 100+ years 

If you’re in EST, look up starting at 6:30pm.

Still having hair anxiety.

Still upset at myself for caring so much about hair.

Made a new and more accurate, Twitter profile pic.

In other news.

And now this about to happen.

Here’s to a proper & productive start to your week!



Hope Your May 24 Was Excellent Too

Kicked off the weekend Friday night with a beer up on high.

Look at the guy in blue behind me, ha.

Now look down.

I love the holidays in town, you have the city all to yourself.

Switched cars again, look for an orange blur around TO this week.

It’s easy to drive, the Focus.  This is the one that parks itself, too.  All. By. Itself.  Watch my video of that here.

I put a few hundred kilometres on Sunday driving to Pelham, Ontario to cheer on my cycling team, who performed great, go team!

I took a break from the internet all weekend.

Can you leave your phone alone, or one further, at home when you go out? If you can’t, that’s not good.

I cleaned a lot this weekend. I do every year around this time.

Look at that smog water; that’s the price of living downtown.

Ahhhh better. I was surprised when the floor turned out to be white.

Like my snow tires ottomans? Driver at Heart.

Spring cleaning done, and this is a very happy me.

I can’t concentrate when things aren’t in order. I’m completely moved in now.

Girls night!

Lots of long city walks.

That’s Yonge and Wellsley.

I saw $3 million in cars go by in as many minutes.

A guy tapped me on the shoulder yesterday, “hi, I’ve been following you for several blocks, you have a really great walk, and I had to tell you”.

Notice anything about my outfits in this post? I’m not wearing all black :O

You must’ve been tired of seeing me always in black, I know I was tired of blogging the photos. But one suitcase for four months means everything must match, which means everything black.

I unpacked all my clothes that had been in storage since last fall.  Colour ahoy.

Have a great week!