70% of The Weekend I Looked Like This

While looking at this:

Non-nerds – you’re looking at a brand-new, pristine WordPress site. I’m going to port KeriBlog over when I’m finished building it. Comments will work again, one analytics log-in instead of 5, ONE SIDEBAR oh guys, so happy.

The red AI – that’s After the Deadline: an artificial intelligence based spell, style, and grammar checker.  Check the * box to be warned when your writing is too passive. Seriously.  While in Washington in January, I met one of the developers who wrote it; he was funny.

And I’m repeating myself, but AI and mind control and thought-power, it’s coming. It’s closer than you think. This huge shift of the last 5 years when the world got online, it’s nothing compared to what’s around the corner.

The other 30% of this weekend I looked like this.

Friday night.

People-watching with a beer on a street is one of my favourite things.

Saturday night.


Found this awesome FinalCut filter.

This week’s flowers.

They smell like cloves. If your home smells like fresh flowers, that’s classy.

Here’s to a great start to your week, go kill it!

See you online.



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