Rested and Ready for a New Week

My car column kicks off this week!

When I mailed my draft earlier to my editor, my hand shook a bit over the send button, not gonna lie.

#SundayCleaning is complete, my first article is done and submitted, and my inbox is zeroed BOOM.

Uploading a video right now, well, kicking a video online.

I’ve gotta be doing something wrong, there’s no way it takes everyone this long to post a video, otherwise there’d be way less garbage on YouTube. Think I’ll make an appointment at the Apple store, get some Final Cut exporting advice. Get some.

Made it to my mailbox. Usually it’s just boring old bills, this time ha!  Free Beer does exist. Thanks Sapporo :) And may I compliment you on your beautiful penmanship.

Worked on my sidebar last night, that’s why there’s doubles and triples. I’m adding in new ones I made a few weeks ago, click here.

Then I went for a beer and read.

That’s one of my invisibility outfits, the look is, “I’m not here pay no attention leave me be”.

This weeks flowers.

Here’s to a strong and productive start to your week, one of our last of the summer, go offline and outside!


xo Keri


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