The Biggest My Face Has Ever Been

Haha :)

Until I was invited to this, I’d completely forgot about Jello.

Jello sent me home with a box, and it’s just right for my level of cooking-skills (boil water & stir).

So I did.

I served to some guests, who remarked, “woah Jello, I forgot about Jello, neat [smile]”.

Which is what you want your dinner guests to say, because now you are a fun and exciting host, how easy was that.



I’m Part of the 0.0002%

I kept my last name off the internet for 5 years.

This is my Google+ account – KeriBlog.

It’s been suspended since I got it;
they don’t like my last name, “Blog”.

So I wrote to them saying noooo.

Hours later Google replied I was right.

Now here’s the interesting part.

There is very little information online to guide you, because this issue is so rare.

This article from TechCrunch sums it up:

0.1% of 50 million users submit name appeals,

20% of that is like me.

Let’s do the math on that…


I’m part of the 0.0002% or 1 / 10,000

It’s not without issue though… because of this rarity, I end up with problems that are not documented and likely few have.

For example: my Picasa photo uploader stopped working for no reason two weeks ago. Which I almost had a meltdown over; that’s like a carpenter’s hammer vanishing. The worst part is there’s nothing I can do about it.

Being a spy is a lot of extra ugh.

Regardless of everything though, ha!

Because if Google says it’s true,
it’s true, right?



About Installing My New Blog Theme

Things are looking sharp around here at KeriBlog eh?!! :D

Be mindful of the two potential security holes in your website:

1 – Always update your theme, and to get your theme from a company that will provide updates
2 – Your log-in name and author name are likely the same, so don’t display it by the “posted by”

What installing a new theme looks like:

Next up: making my sidebar amazing. I have a list on paper here.








The Largest Amount of Dinosaurs in the World

I’m pleased to report that
Canada sets another world record

Dinosaur Provincial Park

It’s just outside Brooks, Alberta in the badlands, or two hours from Calgary.

Imagine how international that makes Brooks in the summer? Archeologists from all over the world come to dig around.


  1. – more dinosaur species have been discovered here than anywhere else in the world
  2. – it was 75 million years ago dinosaurs were cruising around
  3. – the area was a warm moist climate, swamps and wetlands

The United Nations recognizes this as a world heritage site, YES Canada.

Get THIS: 1910-20 was the ‘Great Canadian Dinosaur Rush’; rival gangs of collectors raced and fought to find the best and most bones.

What do I do? Oh I’m a blackmarket dinosaur bone trader bwahaha.