Off-Roading in the 2013 Ford Raptor

Ford’s extreme pickup truck has a very enthusiastic fan base, but having never driven one, didn’t understand why.

Ford invited KeriBlog to Alberta a couple months ago, to test their F150 truck lineup, part of which was, “here’s a Raptor and a crazy course, have fun”.  I totally get it now.

The Raptor eats it, all unaffected.


(photo: Jeremy Sinek)

It’s a 6.2L V8 engine, outputting 411 hp and 434 lb-ft. of torque with a 6-spd automatic and 4-wheel drive

Comes in one trim only, love that.

Limited options include: a moonroof, bed-liners, and a graphics package, (say no to all). Front and rear cameras are extra, $1000 for both (meh, use your eyes).

2013 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor

Starting at – $56,599

Then around the track with Jeremy Sinek, chief road-tester at MSN Autos, and a far better driver than I.

Me losing control of my neck ha.

I also learned how to tow on that trip, here’s a video of that; and here’s another video about their clever infotainment input design.

Lastly, here’s the post about that Alberta trip, where the sky really is bigger, and the drive instructors are awesome.


The Sky Really is Bigger in Alberta

I was there with Ford, to test trucks, their newly-refreshed F-series.

We landed in Calgary, then a 100 km-ish drive to Drumheller, dinosaur capital of the world. And a small, quiet town; news of our trip made the papers.

Dinner was in the even smaller city of Wayne.

Population 27, above is the only business.

Which is an awesome place – Last Chance Saloon.

The gentleman far right would conduct the behind-the-scenes dinosaur museum tour the following day.

The place doesn’t even get cell service, everyone’s phones went to E and it was like olden times; loved it.

At the Saloon, you BBQ your own delicious Alberta AAAA amazingness.

Or in my case: put on grill, go find help (thanks Jeff!)

By far my favourite truck of the trip was obviously.

(non-car nerds: this is a beast of a pick-up truck,
Ford’s crown pickup jewel that attacks all terrain)

I have off-roading footage to edit, best part of the day.  And I made a video about towing, look for it Thursday.

Thanks for inviting along Ford, I had a great time.


The Largest Amount of Dinosaurs in the World

I’m pleased to report that
Canada sets another world record

Dinosaur Provincial Park

It’s just outside Brooks, Alberta in the badlands, or two hours from Calgary.

Imagine how international that makes Brooks in the summer? Archeologists from all over the world come to dig around.


  1. – more dinosaur species have been discovered here than anywhere else in the world
  2. – it was 75 million years ago dinosaurs were cruising around
  3. – the area was a warm moist climate, swamps and wetlands

The United Nations recognizes this as a world heritage site, YES Canada.

Get THIS: 1910-20 was the ‘Great Canadian Dinosaur Rush’; rival gangs of collectors raced and fought to find the best and most bones.

What do I do? Oh I’m a blackmarket dinosaur bone trader bwahaha.

Let’s Get to Know, Brooks Alberta

Learned a lot, my brother is a great tour guide.

There are 120 different nationalities living here!

It’s an oil town; if you work in the on an oil rig, you’re a “rigger“.

I wish I had more time here, I want to go out to work with them, be a rigger for a day, HOW fun would that video be… my weak blogging arms failing me, getting coffee at the Red Basket at 5am, seeing oil up close gushing around.

This is Canada’s Desert… like, it rained twice this summer.

The sky is HUGE, it’s hard to explain, and it doesn’t translate in photo.

That’s the Brooks Aquaduct, built to water the fields in the 1910s… of concrete?!!

The new way, that machine, drives up and down the fields and you can control it with your iPhone.

During the tour my brother and I turned into ghosts.

Been playing lots of pool, my favourite spot is The Legion. I almost beat Ron there… SO close I sewered on the 8 UGH.

The bars are in hotels here, and many also have liquor stores in them, it’s kinda hard to explain.

The two main bars.

The people here are genuinely nice. Not happy crappy nice, genuine; then they’ll give you a shot or two, so Canadian I love it.

Pete took me to Brooks Animal Protection Society, where he volunteers. Special place, and heartbreaking, too. That’s his story he wrote about adopting his cat.

My lovely hosts!

And the tour will end of course the city’s very best radio station, 101.1 The ONE Brooks.

Where I messed up the song introduction.

Thanks for a great time Brooks, I’ll be sticking around for your giant Boxing Day party next year!