It’s Thursday Night, Have a Good One

Big-night-out-city-girl here.

After I publish this, it’s onto the last draft of next week’s column, “About Funeral Processions“. Earlier this week, I spent an afternoon chatting with funeral directors, they were a surprisingly funny bunch.

This happened today – the paper added a new section to our website,

Bottom right.

“Featured Author”, and a link to my latest article, permenently above the fold, nice.

Tomorrow will conclude the first 2 weeks working at my new job. Think I’ll be ready to blog all about it by end-of-the-month.

Because blogging something, it’s like, it makes it official.  It’s hard to explain, I’ll add it to the videos-to-make list. Basically though, the message is, “the internet keeps you accountable“.

I am loving it, to be clear.

It shows in my desk dancing.

desk dancing

I hope you desk dance, too.

Dismantled the ‘sticky note epiphany‘ wall.

Documented them all, here are some.

Clockwise from top left:

  • based on last year’s study of time to successfully execute a new years resolution, it’s best to start a month early, and have a semi-rhythm happening by the end of the year
  • “insurance is the cause of so much dumbness”.  Insurance sucks the fun away
  • “put blog in music”. Might do a security post about that. It’s part of my never-ending quest to avoid the cloud.

Found this shot of me driving Nissan’s Hybrid Pathfinder, when I blogged the Nashville story yesterday.

Nice change from the grainy selfless I usually post, eh.

So grainy. Like I blogged before, I still wonder if these phone camera lenses have built-in degradation.

Counter-argument is I probably take way more photos per day, than the average user. And like, imagine the wear & tear from one car show…

Hope it’s a good Thursday Night, best night of the week.

kk I have to go write, I’ll cheers you TTYT



The Planets So Far in 2014

This new year has kicked off with a bang. Already by the 10th, there were 3 big planetary events guys. Definitely enough to merit a blog post. 

(if we’re just meeting – for all my love of logic, I track the planets)


January 1st was a full moon


January 3rd was a meteor shower, the Quadrantids – 1 of the 3 richest showers of the year.


January 9th, a Thursday Night, was the largest display of the Northern Lights in a very long time. Mega Northern Lights, visible all across of Canada.

Apparently, the solar flare was so large and created such electrical disruption, that flights were re-routed away from the pole, GPS’ wouldn’t work.


Our former Defence Minister went on TV stating that aliens exist, and walk among us – National Post


Looks like 2014 is shaping up to be good and weird.

Chinese New Year is the last day of this month, the 31st. Here’s how to prepare for that.



Fast Update that’s a Bit Boring

Catching you up quickly, but you haven’t missed much, it’s been a heads-down kind of week, nothing that exciting has happened to me.

It’s been productive, but boring.  Maybe they’re related.

Wednesday I picked up a Ford Fiesta… ST!

Non-car nerds: ST is the turbo version, only comes in manual, almost double the torque of the regular Fiesta.

Yes it got really cold here in TO in the last week-ish, but it’s Canada, it’s expected. Please stop whining, everywhere whiiiining.

Here’s an old video, “Why Canadian Winters are Awesome”

It has to be something.

This week’s best night of the week Thursday, was this:

Dull agenda, but least they’ll be done, and that feels great.

I don’t mind paying taxes, it’s the doing I don’t like.

Is there anything more boring…
calculate receipts, add 15 cents multiply by HST,
how much did I spend on parking in March,
who even cares, this is the worst.

Friday felt weird, didn’t it. Like, everyone tucked into a secret anger cocoon, was glad when the day was done.

Taxes will take a bit, will blog next in a few.

Have a great weekend! After this, there’s only 2 left in 2013.

xo Keri

A GIF that didn’t fit into the Michelin tire post.

michelin animated eyes

Hi back there Lee.