It’s Thursday Night, Have a Good One

Big-night-out-city-girl here.

After I publish this, it’s onto the last draft of next week’s column, “About Funeral Processions“. Earlier this week, I spent an afternoon chatting with funeral directors, they were a surprisingly funny bunch.

This happened today – the paper added a new section to our website,

Bottom right.

“Featured Author”, and a link to my latest article, permenently above the fold, nice.

Tomorrow will conclude the first 2 weeks working at my new job. Think I’ll be ready to blog all about it by end-of-the-month.

Because blogging something, it’s like, it makes it official.  It’s hard to explain, I’ll add it to the videos-to-make list. Basically though, the message is, “the internet keeps you accountable“.

I am loving it, to be clear.

It shows in my desk dancing.

desk dancing

I hope you desk dance, too.

Dismantled the ‘sticky note epiphany‘ wall.

Documented them all, here are some.

Clockwise from top left:

  • based on last year’s study of time to successfully execute a new years resolution, it’s best to start a month early, and have a semi-rhythm happening by the end of the year
  • “insurance is the cause of so much dumbness”.  Insurance sucks the fun away
  • “put blog in music”. Might do a security post about that. It’s part of my never-ending quest to avoid the cloud.

Found this shot of me driving Nissan’s Hybrid Pathfinder, when I blogged the Nashville story yesterday.

Nice change from the grainy selfless I usually post, eh.

So grainy. Like I blogged before, I still wonder if these phone camera lenses have built-in degradation.

Counter-argument is I probably take way more photos per day, than the average user. And like, imagine the wear & tear from one car show…

Hope it’s a good Thursday Night, best night of the week.

kk I have to go write, I’ll cheers you TTYT



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