A Girl in a Masonic Lodge VERY RARE

Freemasonry is the oldest and largest world-wide fraternity, founded in the 1500s.  It relies heavily on symbolism derived from classical architecture. The 3 Main Tenents of Freemasonry are: Brotherly Love, Relief (help), and Truth.  You’re encouraged to keep your own religion, doesn’t matter.  There’s more than 6 million all-male members world wide (Grand Lodge of OntarioWiki)

That’s why this post is titled like that.

There’s over 600 Lodges in Ontario alone.  This is the East Toronto Masonic Temple, where they meet.

I’ve blogged about the Masons before, this is not a new fascination.

– their Canadian headquarters in Hamilton

– the Toronto Stock Exchange was founded in 1850 by 24 Masons

– one of the most detailed Masonic buildings in the world is the Manitoba Legislative Building

See the lightbulb top right?  It was the most asked about item in the room, and that was disappointing to hear.  Because the photos below, it’s rare to get to see this stuff.

Click here for a list of famous Freemasons, you’re going to be surprised at how many you know.

Discussing politics and religion is forbidden inside all Lodges, cool eh.

You know the Shriners?  That’s them, too.  Their hospitals treat any kid, regardless of  any relation to a Freemason, race, ethnicity, even if they can’t pay.

See the arrows?  Symbolism.  You start as a rough stone, and through study, giving and hard work, you elevate yourself to be like the smooth stone.

There are 33 levels to ascend, the 33rd is done at Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland.

Everything detail you see, colour, every single thing has a reason behind it, symboloism, a purpose.

I love it.

The Mason origins also come from one of my personal favourites, the Knights Templar.

The Knights Templar were the most skilled fighting force for 200 years during the Crusades and Middle Ages, and they did it all for charity.  They were officially endorsed by the Catholic Church, guarded roads, the public, and fortified things.

The Knights Templar also:

– innovated and established banking methods that are in use today

–  in 1307 the majority of all Knights were captured and burned at the stake on… Friday the 13th.  Some say that’s why it’s unlucky.

– built Rosslyn Chapel, one of my favourite places on Earth.  Look how beautiful.

Hope I’ve got this all right Masons, if not, please correct me in the comments. Last thing I want to do is spread mis-information, aiming for the opposite here.










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