Now I’m Home in Toronto

Goodbye warm weather, hello ending to my ‘Avoiding Winter Tour 2012‘.

Last flight.

Since leaving Toronto January 1, I boarded 25 planes.


Proud of this.

I have internet on my phone again!  It’s been 4 months since I could say that.

I was using the thing below.  Which means I had to manage two devices, and the connection was not very reliable.

Every blog post had to be kicked online, no dramatics.

First meal back on Canadian soil.

Girl catchup, very important.

It’s ironic that it snowed a bit today… my first day back is Toronto’s first day of snow since February.

I picked up a Ford Fiesta today, I’m mobile again!!

The studio is done, it’s stuck in a garage in North Toronto.  I’m going to have to jump it and take the back roads to the crushers.  I suppose that will make a good video.  Good for you, sad for me.

Pumped to be back, can’t wait to catch up when I see you.

Have a great Tuesday night!



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