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Back from 5 Days in Mexico

Arrived Thursday night, worked Friday, finished at 6:30pm, and then I didn’t open my laptop again till now.

I checked my phone a handful times for emergencies, but I was offline 99% offline. Barely even documented, for either folder.


Now that’s a MegaCurtain.

Such graininess in the photo below. I’m still convinced that cel phone cameras come with built-in degradation.

Last time I blogged that, it spurned some good IRL debates with good sources, but still not sold.

This dress was in this gift bag xo S.

Like how I sit at the beach?

Hi hi from my towel-nest.

I’m always cold.  And inside, where the A/C is cranked to 11 omg; by the end of a dinner I can’t feel below my shins.

Only thing I bought while gone.

It was a great break, and nice to be back online.

Goodmorning, I missed you.



Hi from Cancun, Mexico

Hi hi from my first proper vacation in a very long time.  Looking forward to … rest. Don’t know if I’ve ever blogged such an admission.

I’ve been averaging about 3 hours of sleep a night; needed this. It took a lot to get here, and didn’t really even hit me I was gone till this morning when I woke up to a different view.

I do sleep deprivation pretty well, I kinda even like it; things get all dream-like and fuzzy, everything gets funnier.

Had to buy a bathing suit. Because I hide from the sun, why would I own one.

But somewhere between that dressing room pic and checkout, the bottoms disappeared, so I’m here on the beach without a suit.

Deadlines won over the nail salon, so I peeled off the shellac, and I think I ruined nails; don’t do it.

Full hair and makeup in the back of the taxi.

New luggage was purchased the night before, and I just sent my jumpsuit downtown to be hemmed.

Next week’s ‘Keri on Driving’ column came from the airport, and 30,000 feet in the air.

Took me many months, but I’ve got a system down now. Helps that I always keep the “my column” application open and running in my mind’s background, and a text list on my phone.

Look at me changing it up.

I’ve been smashed on a plane once, and never will I again.

Actually, whenever you see me out at an event, there’s a 99% chance I’m fake drinking, which I have down to a science. (surely by now you’ve figured out I’m a control freak).

At Mexican customs, the system is: speak with a customs officer, then baggage claim, and then another officer who is positioned beside a big red button. Everyone must push the button, and it’s like a casino game – get a green light and you’re free to go, get a red light and take your bag over to be searched and questioned. Guess what colour I got :|

It’s a ridiculously nice hotel, look at the soaps.

You know Bulgari is my favourite.

The boy really killed it at work the past year, so work sent him away with the other top hustlers, nice.

Hoping to make it to visit the Mayan ruins, especially that it’s so close in time to a huge planetary alignment on June 5.

Kay I have to revise my column for next week (“going to the racetrack”), plus a couple more things and then I can shut it down. I’ll power up ye ‘ole blog again Wednesday when I’m back in country, TTY then.



The 2014 Honda Fit

2014 Honda Fit

1.5 L engine, outputting 117 hp and 106 lb.ft of torque, with a claimed fuel economy of 6.3 L/100km. Available in manual.

This is the Sport trim (DX, LX, Sport)

Starting at $14,635
This one $18,995

Best of available options includes: a leather steering wheel with controls, Handsfree Bluetooth phone connectivity, Cruise Control, connect an audio device via USB, and the sportier exterior styling riding on 16″ alloy wheels.

Sporty looking little guy eh. It’s a little grille, but it’s aggressive.

It was a fun car to throw around the city. Steering and handling are responsive, accelerates with pep. I had the manual transmission though, which any subcompact performs best with.

Competition: Ford Fiesta, Kia Rio, Hyundai Accent, Chevy Spark, Nissan Versa Note, Toyota Yaris

Here’s where the Fit outshines them: the rear seat.

See how flat the floor is, and how the seat folds right up 60/40?

That’s Honda’s exclusive “Magic Seat”. Creates a massive empty space; the total cargo area rivals that of some small crossovers.

It’s an ergonomic, functional interior; nice big buttons and knobs, a double glovebox.

Interesting, this 2014 model year Fit is built completely in China, a rarity. I’m not convinced you’d notice, if you didn’t know. As for how it holds up though, time. The 2015 Fit will be built in Mexico.



Underwater I Was

I went snorkelling while in Mexico a few weeks back.

Not a fan of underwater sports or activities, because I can’t breathe down there.

The fish are too clever to be touched, but they kept coming just close enough to keep me trying.

The diving companies got together and dropped 400 statues into the water, so us touristas had something to look at besides the dead coral.

The boat ride out was maybe the best part, look:

It’s full-throttle headed straight into shore, then a fast 90 degree turn at the last second, rooster tail of water washes over everyone.

 Ahaha, Mexico.



180 Degrees and it's 180 Degrees

It’s like opposite land on the other side of that fence, eh.

Spotted during the test drive of Hyundai’s all-new Santa Fe in California.

Saw lots of border cops patrolling the hillside on bikes, drove through a temporary pop-up customs checkpoint, serious stuff. We don’t have anything like this in Canada, for which I’m grateful.

I walked through a turnstile into Mexico a few years ago. It was amazingly easy to enter the country, it was literally a turnstile like in the subway; not as easy to get out.  Overheard lots of people were there for “dentist appointments“.