The Iciest Cars You’ll See all Week

Remember that massive fire in Kingston, Ontario two weeks ago?

This car lot is across the street from that fire.

Crazy eh.

An aside – remember during the fire, that amazing rescue of the crane operator, by helicopter ?

That’s likely the same helicopter that starred with me in a photoshoot a few years ago.

Here’s the posts & video about that.



The Studio* Lives!


5 months without a car, longest stretch in a decade+, and it was really getting to me. Genuinely, it was making me down.

Then two weeks ago when I was on a roof looking out, and it hit me, “I can’t get to any of that”. And I’m used to being able to get to that, designed my life around being able to get to that, you know?


Check out the keyed entry.

The odometer readout is more for me than you, to document. Miles though, funny eh… The Canadian Explorer drove an American car, shhhhh.

I can’t turn on radio though, I’m being defeated by the anti-theft system.

You can’t see the display to enter the code to turn on the radio.  It’s my new game: you get two tries then it locks for an hour.  It’s possible this is impossible to win, because the radio might no longer works.  Half the windows don’t go down.  No one knows.

Funny I posted the radio security code online eh, not for the first time either.  Security is relative.

Driving home.

This happy face is brought to you by Claus of Frontenac AutoBody in Kingston, Ontario.

Remember when it all started, my car broke down and I left it under a cel tower in Kingston?

I got news last week Claus and his gang had been tinkering, and YES got it up and running again YES Claus YES Frontenac AutoBody.  And another YES to you for not having a website, and making me link to the YellowPages ahaha for real.

Their specialty is making  high-end cars in wrecks, look like they never were.  As well as Extreme Studio Maintenance.  Actually, if you smashed your pretty car here in Toronto, I’d flat bed it here.


For those of you just meeting me, ‘The Studio’ is my car, which was an integral part of my show, The Canadian Explorer, which I will explain further here, in song.

Spent Labour Day in Kingston, Where It’s Awesome

Spent the long weekend in Kingston, Ontario, visiting friends, a photoshoot with Suzy (I’m not allowed to show you anything yet) and celebrating a 60th birthday.

If you would like to get away for a weekend, come here.  There’s 1000 Islands, 1000 things to do, and Kingstonians are known as party-ers.

Let’s start with these four places:

1 – Go there for a beer – The Toucan

2 – Buy your books there – Wayfarer Books (smells so good)

3Pan Chancho – get a coffee and chocolate croissant

4 – I never go here, it’s for hippies, but green arrow: she’s _still_ there :O

Or, you could go see me on the walls of here.

My favourite ever army suprlus store is here – Smith Army Surplus.  If you’re lucky Kyle will be working, say hi.

I cruise through, sift through the patches, talk shop and swap lies.

You can shoot in Kingston, too.  Well I can, you might have a bit harder time.

This was S&R – Canada’s oldest (50+) independently owned department store.

It closed two summers ago, which I went around for weeks proclaiming sad and wrong.

I wish I had video of inside here; places like this don’t exist anymore.  I heard some mid-level-restaurant-franchise is going in.  Golf claps.

70% of all Kingstonians own something from here, maybe one of those glass balls, likely received as a gift.

I’m being dramatic, but not really.

Where you should be buying gifts from is Dwell Boutique, which I should have taken a photo of.

It’s a great place for Morning Drive.


Thanks Claus! <3

He also gave me silver dollar.  I put it on my fridge.

I left it there though, my car.  It’s no longer fit for the highway, not even I’m that wacked.  So kinda cool eh….

Me – “Pardon me?  Oh yes yes, I do keep a car in Kingston” :|


This place below is my personal real estate brokering deal dream… it’s the old Psyc Ward down on the water.

Executed correctly, it could be one of the premiere mini-areas in Southern Ontario.

Kingston is a good-sized city that you’ll be leaning on a wall texting, someone strolls by you know, now you’re on a patio making jokes.

The streetlights are an inside joke.

Kingston is filled with buildings like this, Canada’s very first bank.

The arrow is pointing to my old apartment. I was the last person to live in it before the City took it over.

There was a restaurant on the main floor, who’d pass me ahi tuna on my way up the stairs, which I’d eat on the fire-escape (they removed it), from which I may have once thrown handfuls of mini-bouncy-balls from, to see what would happen (fun happens).

Go to Kingston, you’ll love it!




I'm On The Walls of Here

This is Tango, a tapas restaurant in downtown Kingston, and remember that Air Base photo shoot with Suzy?

That’s what’s on the walls, look:

Those are all little light boxes lining the walls. It is weird to see yourself displayed on walls.

Even weirder is sitting underneath larger photos of yourself. I don’t think I’d ever get used to this.

Click here to watch Trash Couture comes to Canada to see the shoot, which I edited into a video choreographed to music.