Testing Giant GM Pickup Trucks in Arizona

Returned home tonight from AZ with GM.

Definitely not in Canada anymore.

You can open carry a gun in Arizona.  Walk around with a 9mm on your hip if you like, old ladies do.

I was there to test their new 2015 Heavy Duty pickup trucks, both the GMC Sierra, and Chevy’s Silverado. This is the latter.

Because there’s no reference point, it’s tough to tell in this photo,  but these trucks are massive. Like, four rear tires huge. Loved it.

If I could, I’d drive something that massive always.

Beautiful hotel; GM hosts class events.

Yesterday we drove up up up to 5,000 feet elevation, where I was shocked to see snow, in Arizona?!

See? Massive.

Easy to drive though. Not long in, and I was zooming around tight corners, maneouvering all veteran-esque.

Made a video.

Ate dinner outside, twice.

I learned so much about trucks. Their engines, transmissions (Allison!), who buys them and why. Really, it’s a whole new segment of the auto industry I’d not yet been exposed to. And I liked it, do work son!

My review is due tomorrow actually, it’s a new system at the paper now (used to have a week). So gotta run, because also due is next week’s column, “About Car Camouflage”.

Oh and clearly, I can access KeriBlog.com again. When that happened last night, woah, top 3 worst feelings ever.

New moon tonight, and Chinese New Year tomorrow. Here’s a post about how to prepare for that. It’s an old post, but the instructions remain the same.

May you get exactly what you wish for this year.




This is a Working EMP Device

Photo: eV2

EMP – ElectroMagnetic Pulse

EMPs (electromagnetic pulses) are often featured in movies – characters in The Matrix: Revolutions used them to defend against the sentinels, and do you remember Ocean’s Eleven? In that movie, a character is seen pulling into a parking lot in a white panel van that’s holding a giant machine, which he powers up and uses to knock out the power to the casino a block away. That’s an EMP attack.

Very basically, the targeted car is blasted with high-power radio frequencies and microwave waves, confusing the electronics system until the engine just gives up and shuts down. – Autonet.ca

That’s newspaper writing, in blog writing:

Radio Frequencies (RF) are pulsed at the car, which just melts the electronics like, you don’t bounce right back from an EMP attack.

Neat eh, movie-kinda stuff indeed.

Until UK company eV2 built the one above, and demonstrated its device to the BBC on an unused airport runway.

It was touted in the press as:
the device that would end car chases

Wrote about it at work, here.

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There’s nothing nefarious on the other end, it’s an overly-dramatic URL I made with ShadyURL.com.

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My Weekend is the Opposite of Vegas

Look, nature. And a tiny town.

When in a new place, the first thing I do is get a local paper. Now I know what’s happening, just happened, and get a feel for the type of people and place.

In this paper I found a gun flyer, a train that de-railed and spilled coal everywhere, and above is their annual Summer Fair. See, opposite.

I’m still in America btw, home soon.

It’s been a great, quiet restful weekend. Hope you can say the same.

Got bit by a bee.  And video edited.

Have a great Sunday!