More Back-of-Steering-Wheel-Buttons Please

The buttons control the radio, leaving your hands where they should be – on the steering wheel.

Use the buttons on the left to move through the preset station list, and volume is on the right.

It’s one of those features that seems little, but has a huge impact. Especially if you’re like me, and constantly hitting seek seek seek for a good song.

Found on some Chryslers, and most General Motors vehicles.

Clockwise from top = 2016 Chevy Tahoe, 2016 Chevy Equinox, 2016 GMC Canyon



How to Connect a GM Vehicle to the Internet

General Motors, and especially Chevy, is at the forefront of bringing 4G LTE internet into dashboards (learn more in this column.)

While other automakers are starting to offer this feature, most put the WiFi settings within the infotainment system’s Settings area.

Chevy’s way to connect is a bit different.

Use OnStar to access the WiFi settings.

On rearview mirror > press OnStar button > say “WiFi Settings” > settings appear on dash screen >
follow instructions

Here’s the OnStar site

Found in a 2016 Chevy Trax.

Security Reminder:

Connecting a car comes with a responsibility – never connect your car to public WiFi, and you are legally responsible for passengers Hotspotting off your car’s connection.



Casinos + GM go Together

Right now in Ontario casinos, win a General Motors car during March.

Each badge is represented:

Buick – Regal *
GMC – Terrain
Chevy – Impala *
Chevy – Camaro

* = best

The car is uniquely badged.

Last summer in Vegas, similar setup.

Win a Chevy Camera at the Rio Casino.

Makes sense I guess, eh… heard in a boardroom somewhere…

… “it’s gotta be American built, and American won.”



Testing Giant GM Pickup Trucks in Arizona

Returned home tonight from AZ with GM.

Definitely not in Canada anymore.

You can open carry a gun in Arizona.  Walk around with a 9mm on your hip if you like, old ladies do.

I was there to test their new 2015 Heavy Duty pickup trucks, both the GMC Sierra, and Chevy’s Silverado. This is the latter.

Because there’s no reference point, it’s tough to tell in this photo,  but these trucks are massive. Like, four rear tires huge. Loved it.

If I could, I’d drive something that massive always.

Beautiful hotel; GM hosts class events.

Yesterday we drove up up up to 5,000 feet elevation, where I was shocked to see snow, in Arizona?!

See? Massive.

Easy to drive though. Not long in, and I was zooming around tight corners, maneouvering all veteran-esque.

Made a video.

Ate dinner outside, twice.

I learned so much about trucks. Their engines, transmissions (Allison!), who buys them and why. Really, it’s a whole new segment of the auto industry I’d not yet been exposed to. And I liked it, do work son!

My review is due tomorrow actually, it’s a new system at the paper now (used to have a week). So gotta run, because also due is next week’s column, “About Car Camouflage”.

Oh and clearly, I can access again. When that happened last night, woah, top 3 worst feelings ever.

New moon tonight, and Chinese New Year tomorrow. Here’s a post about how to prepare for that. It’s an old post, but the instructions remain the same.

May you get exactly what you wish for this year.




The 2014 Cadillac CTS Launch Party

The CTS is often called “GM’s best car”, and has a huge fan base.

I can’t say much more, I’ve not yet driven it.

The car won’t be released until the end of this year, so details are not final.

2014 Cadillac CTS (USA site)
Starting at $50,895 -ish

2 engines: 2.0L Turbo 272 hp / 3.6L V6 321 hp

I can confirm it was a great party and crowd, and packed.

Hosted at the Shangri-La Hotel in Toronto, GM shut down University Avenue the Sunday before, to crane the car onto the roof, ha. See photos of that on George’s blog, the PR guy at GM.

PR pals: that’s a custom-bow-tie-making-station, that went over really well.

Ran into the Motoring TV gang, welcome to my blog guys!

That’s Motoring cameraman Paul Reid, and ahaha, ha that photo.