Audi’s All-new Virtual Cockpit

Audi virtual cockpit is a 12.3″ high-res digital instrument cluster that completely replaces the dash screen.

It debuted on the 2016 Audi TT, and is coming next to the 2017 Q7, A4 and R8.

Doesn’t an interior look so much better without a black hole in the dash?

The system is controlled using either the steering wheel controls, or the completely redesigned MMI interface selector wheel.

Instead of 4 function buttons there’s now 2, and the rotary dial acts like a joystick – nudge left, right, like that.

Plus its top is touch-enabled. Use your finger to zoom in or out, or if scrolling a list, write a “K” to narrow in on all results that start with K.

I’ve tested Audi’s virtual cockpit twice.

First was on the active display at the Canadian International Auto Show back in February 2015. I was filming a segment for MotoringTV.

I arrived 10 minutes early before the crew, and in that time, learned the entire system.

That’s not to say I’m a wizard with electronic interfaces, but that the system is intuitive.

It encompasses my favourite type of design – functional and fashionable.

Because dipping your eyes from the road, to the instrument cluster, is a much shorter distance than to a dash screen.

How good does navigation look eh.

The second test was while driving the all-new 2017 Audi R8 at Mosport.

It wasn’t the best test though.

My saucer-eyes were glued to the track, can only confirm the speedometer is bright and visible.

I predict this setup will be copied by other automakers.

It’s logical, safer, and makes for a more aesthetically-pleasing interior. Plus there’s probably production cost savings by installing just one screen instead of two.

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In Montreal with Mercedes for a Minute

Flew out at 8am, here till late tomorrow night.

This is my first Mercedes anything, both trip and test car.

Hi hi from the Olympic Basin, where we tested the car’s 4MATIC All-wheel Drive system on the ice.

New 2015 CLA 250s.

My drive partner (who requested anonymity) was so kind, he’s done this 500 times so let me do all the driving, which I did with a huge grin permantley.

Favourite moment was when I made a rooster tail, coating the passenger side with snow, I look to my right and my partner is covered, his window had been down.

1 – all hard buttons and dials, no touch nonsense; Mercedes isn’t into it either
2 – sharp looking vertical quilting on the seats eh
3 – what we’re testing – 4MATIC and ESP

Filmed a quick bit for Motoring TV (I’m back there now, just haven’t told you about it yet.)  You know these guys – that’s cameraman Paul Reid in the back, and Russ Bond in the front.

My ending line was my best line:

Motoring – what about winter tires, Keri?
Me – If you don’t know by now you need them, you are beyond my help.

When departing the basin, we drove through the finish line of Canada’s only F1 racetrack.

Above is me crossing the finish line.

Got asked so many times about my skirt & tights, “aren’t you cold?”

I’m always cold regardless, so there’s that. But tights are surprisingly warm, that’s why soldiers wear them beneath their fatigues in the field, and why any good Canadian girl owns at least 5 black pairs.

Now we’re in some mountains, which is where I’m typing this hi hi.

kk early start to tomorrow, night TTYT

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Been Filming with Motoring TV

Motoring TV – Canada’s longest running TV show * about cars on TSN.

* 26 years!

Acutal real microphones were used, a first for me.

They film on tape, gah; I could never.

Years ago I wrote a diatribe against tape, hang on… here, 2009.

Feel just as strongly today.

This is the crispest footage of me, ever.

These are all for a new segment we launched today,
Motoring TV ‘Double Talk‘.

Keep an eye, I’ll be in a bunch starting tomorrow.

I’m pointing here!

Aaaaand action.

[photos by Ed Gatner]



A $215,000 Snow Shower

It’s a 2014 Audi R8 V10 plus Coupé.

A 5.2 L engine, outputting 550 hp and 398 lbs-ft, 0 to 100km in 3.5 seconds, and a top speed of 319 km/h.

Driving is Motoring TV‘s Russ Bond, I’ve introduced you before.

We were at a Young Driver’s event on Sunday.

Paul Reid was there too, capturing better quality footage for Motoring, while I captured a nice photo of Paul.

Which I’m good at; ha Paul, that photo is still funny.



Debuted on MotoringTV Today

Motoring TV on TSN is Canada’s, and one of the world’s, longest-running TV shows – 27 seasons!

Watch the video on

Being edited on a big-boy system.

It’s just web though, to be clear, not TV.

Technically, it’s my 3rd video for them, I just never said anything.

There’s 2 more on the site: 1 about a Caravan charity project, and 1 when Kia sponsored a RIDE program awareness event back in the summer. I’m especially awkward in that one.

And that’s enough for today. Still shy.